Sarveshwar Foods expands NIMBARK organic stores in Punjab and Delhi NCR


In a significant move to expand its organic retail presence, Sarveshwar Foods Limited (SFL) has announced the opening of its signature NIMBARK Organic Stores in Punjab and the Delhi NCR region. This expansion is part of the company’s pre-defined business strategy to extend its reach beyond existing territories, enhancing its footprint in the booming organic market. The addition of these two new regions, with stores set to be fully operational by the end of the current quarter, will increase the count of the company’s exclusive retail stores to fifteen.

These ‘NIMBARK Organic Stores’, operated by SFL’s material subsidiary, Himalayan Bio Organic Foods Limited, are designed to showcase the company’s complete range of organic food offerings. These signature stores aim to provide customers with an intuitive, user-friendly shopping experience, emphasizing the authenticity and premium quality of organic delights from the Himalayan lands.

Sarveshwar Foods Limited Announces Expansion of NIMBARK Organic Stores in Punjab and Delhi NCR

Sarveshwar Foods Limited Announces Expansion of NIMBARK Organic Stores in Punjab and Delhi NCR

Sarveshwar Foods Limited has adopted a multi-pronged strategy to sell its products. This includes a variety of store formats catering to different customer needs across major consumption centers. Besides the NIMBARK Organic Stores, the company’s products are available at over 1200 retail counters in key locations such as Jammu, Srinagar, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Khanpur, Punjab, and Delhi NCR. Furthermore, SFL has established a robust online presence, offering its products through its website and other marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Bigbasket, Jiomart, and ONDC.

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Originating from the fertile, mineral-rich soils of the Himalayas, nourished by the snow-melted waters of the river Chenab, Sarveshwar Foods produces a full range of ‘ORGANIC’ products under the brand name ‘NIMBARK’. This brand is conceptualized to promote a ‘SATVIK’ conscious lifestyle, focusing on health and sustainability. With the goal of making high-quality organic products accessible at reasonable price points, SFL and Himalayan Bio Organic Foods Limited are working on a detailed plan to double the number of their Nimbark Signature Stores, retail counters, and market presence in the upcoming quarters.

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NIMBARK Organic Stores: Pioneering Organic Retail in India

Sarveshwar Foods Limited’s recent expansion of NIMBARK Organic Stores in Punjab and Delhi NCR is a testament to its commitment to promoting organic and healthy eating in India. Through these stores, SFL aims to bring premium organic products from the Himalayas to a wider audience, contributing to the growth of sustainable agriculture and a healthier lifestyle. This expansion not only strengthens SFL’s market presence but also aligns with the increasing consumer demand for organic and natural food products in India.

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