Asian Energy Services wins contract for coal handling plant in Jharkhand


Asian Energy Services Ltd (AESL), a leader in India’s energy infrastructure sector, has announced a significant achievement in securing a pivotal contract from Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL), a subsidiary of Coal India Limited. The contract, valued at 21.9 crore rupees, involves the construction of plough feeders and associated civil works at the existing coal handling plant in Rajmahal, located in the Godda district of Jharkhand. This project, expected to span 8 to 9 months, marks a substantial advancement for AESL, solidifying its role in India’s rapidly growing energy infrastructure sector.

This new undertaking by AESL is not only a boost to the company’s financial prospects but also contributes positively to the nation’s energy sector development. The project underlines AESL’s commitment to enhancing the region’s coal handling capabilities and its potential impact on the overall energy landscape in India.

Asian Energy Services Wins Contract for Coal Handling Plant from Eastern Coalfields Limited

Asian Energy Services Wins Contract for Coal Handling Plant from Eastern Coalfields Limited

Kapil Garg, Managing Director of Asian Energy Services Ltd, commented on the contract win: “We are honoured to be selected by Eastern Coalfields Limited for this project. This undertaking strengthens our commitment to delivering high-quality services in the energy infrastructure domain. We look forward to executing the project efficiently and contributing to the development of the region’s coal handling capabilities. With this project, AESL is now executing 4 contracts in the infrastructure space and looking to add more such projects in the coming months. The upgradation and modernization of the energy and mineral logistics infrastructure is gaining momentum in India, and we are ready to take a substantial part in it”.

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This successful bid is in line with AESL’s strategic vision to diversify its portfolio and reinforce its position as a leading player in the energy infrastructure landscape. The company remains dedicated to delivering excellence in every project, contributing to the nation’s energy security and sustainable growth.

AESL’s Role in Enhancing India’s Energy Infrastructure

The recent contract award to AESL for the Rajmahal coal handling plant project exemplifies the company’s prowess in the energy sector and its readiness to support the modernization and upgrade of India’s energy and mineral logistics infrastructure. This project is a testament to AESL’s commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainable development in the burgeoning energy infrastructure of India.

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