Saint-Nazaire offshore wind farm : France’s first offshore wind project is now fully operational


EDF Renewables, EIH Sarl, and CPP Investments announced that the 480MW Saint-Nazaire offshore wind farm, France’s first commercial-scale offshore wind project is now fully operational.

The Saint-Nazaire offshore wind project is anticipated to help the French State’s energy transition goal of generating 32% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030.

The French offshore generated its first power in June 2022 and advanced to gradually connect its 80 wind turbines to the national electricity transmission network.

Having reached full power, the Saint-Nazaire offshore situated between 12 and 20 km from the southwest coast of France, will generate the equivalent of 20% of the annual consumption of power of the Loire-Atlantique region. It will power up 400,000 homes with green electricity.

France’s first offshore wind project — Saint-Nazaire offshore wind farm is now fully operational

France’s first offshore wind project — Saint-Nazaire offshore is now fully operational. Photo courtesy of Parc éolien en mer de Saint-Nazaire – Production CAPA Corporate.

Bruno Bensasson — EDF Renewables Chairman and CEO said: “This first is part of the EDF Group’s strategy to double its net capacity of global renewable energy to reach 60 GW in 2030.

“We are also participating in the National Low-Carbon Strategy of the government, which aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 through energy conservation, nuclear power and the acceleration of renewables.”

The Saint-Nazaire offshore in La Turballe is expected to provide around 100 operational and maintenance jobs.

Matthew Akman — Enbridge Power, Strategy and New Energy Technology Senior Vice President said: “Enbridge is excited about the arrival of the first commercial-scale offshore wind project in France, the Saint-Nazaire Offshore Wind Farm…

“We extend our appreciation and thanks to our partners, EDF Renewables and CPP Investments, and look forward to continuing our work together to grow France’s offshore wind sector.”

The Saint-Nazaire offshore is co-owned by EDF Renewables, a French multinational electric utility company; EIH Sarl, a subsidiary of Canada’s multinational pipeline and energy company Enbridge, and CPP Investments, Canada’s state-owned asset management company.

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