Redwood Materials acquires European battery recycler Redux Recycling


American lithium-ion battery recycler Redwood Materials has announced its acquisition of Redux Recycling GmbH, Europe’s leading battery recycler in a monumental move that signals a more sustainable future for electric vehicles (EVs). The acquisition is part of Redwood Materials’ strategic expansion into the fast-growing European EV market, bolstering the company’s mission to create a closed-loop battery supply chain both in the U.S. and Europe.

Why Europe and Why Now?

Europe has rapidly emerged as the fastest-growing EV market worldwide, fueled by robust government backing and automaker commitments to electrification. To meet the surging demand, Redwood Materials has committed to expanding its operations and has now secured a firm foothold in the European Union (EU) through the Redux Recycling acquisition. This strategic move will accelerate Redwood Materials’ expansion in operations, ramp up battery recycling capacity, and foster close relationships with established suppliers and industry partners across the European continent.

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Capacities and Capabilities of the Acquired Facility

Situated strategically in Bremerhaven, near Germany’s North Sea coast, the Redux Recycling facility brings with it an annual processing capacity of 10,000 tonnes. The location offers proximity to Bremerhaven Port, one of Europe’s most significant import hubs for vehicles, thereby facilitating easy transport and recycling of electric vehicle batteries and packs from across Europe. The facility is well-equipped to recycle an array of lithium-ion battery types including those for electric vehicles, E-bikes, stationary storage systems, and even consumer electronics like laptops and cell phones.

Redwood Materials acquires Redux Recycling in European expansion

Redwood Materials acquires Redux Recycling in European expansion. Photo courtesy of Redwood Materials Inc.

Tech Synergies and Team Expertise

With this acquisition, Redwood Materials gains around 70 highly-skilled technical staff from Redux Recycling, including chemical engineers, metallurgists, and material scientists. These additions will enrich Redwood’s European team and amplify its technological capabilities in high-purity metal concentrate recovery. Both companies’ technologies harmoniously align, with Redux Recycling’s mechanical separation processes complementing Redwood Materials’ advanced material recovery techniques like hydrometallurgy. Redux Recycling’s proprietary technology achieves a remarkable recovery rate of over 95% for valuable battery materials such as cobalt, lithium, nickel, and manganese.

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In summary, Redwood Materials’ acquisition of Redux Recycling GmbH marks a significant milestone in the company’s European growth strategy, positioning Redwood as a formidable player in the rapidly evolving EU battery recycling market.

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