RattanIndia announces launch of Throttle Aerospace Systems’ Defender drone


Indian conglomerate RattanIndia Enterprises Ltd. (REL) has announced the launch of an advanced ‘Made in India’ drone called ‘Defender’ through its subsidiary Throttle Aerospace Systems (TAS).

Defender, which is a tracking and capturing system for rogue drones, is said to have 13 artificial features to neutralize them.

The new drone from Throttle Aerospace Systems uses a soft kill approach in which a net capture mechanism is utilized, enabling it to neutralize emergent threats instantaneously before they can cause any harm.

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RattanIndia Enterprises has a 60% stake in the Bengaluru-based Throttle Aerospace Systems, which it acquired in May 2022 through its fully-owned subsidiary NeoSky India.

RattanIndia announces launch of Throttle Aerospace Systems’ Defender drone.

RattanIndia announces launch of Throttle Aerospace Systems’ Defender drone. Photo courtesy of Thomas Ehrhardt from Pixabay.

According to RattanIndia Enterprises, the Defender drone can fly at speeds of 26m/s. It has a range of up to 20kms in a single flight.

Anjali Rattan — RattanIndia Enterprises Business Chairperson said: “We are pleased to have the opportunity to unveil this product at the Unmanned Aerial Systems India, 2022 in presence of the members from the armed forces, the defence establishment and industry.

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“‘Drone Defender’ is an important addition to our new product line-up at TAS and to our strategy of supporting the drone solutions economy through advanced, home-grown offerings.”

For Throttle Aerospace Systems, ‘Drone Defender’ is the fourth novel product to join its portfolio of defence drones.

Nagendran Kandasamy — Throttle Aerospace Systems Founder & CEO said: “Drone Defender represents a key milestone in India’s journey of self-reliance in defence preparedness. With in-house development of the core hardware and software technologies and domestic design & manufacturing, the product also represents a new flagship offering from the NeoSky and TAS teams.

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“Incorporating deep-tech, combining sophisticated hardware and AI based decisionmaking for targeting rogue drones, ‘Drone Defender’ can effectively neutralize threats without any human intervention.”

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