Rajoo Engineers launches new five-layer blown film line – Pentafoil ‐ POD


Rajoo Engineers Limited, an Indian plastic extrusion machine manufacturer, has launched a new generation five-layer blown film line called Pentafoil ‐ POD.

Launched at the company’s open-house event at Rajkot, Pentafoil ‐ POD is said to incorporate relEX 4.0 Extruders to deliver an increased output of 27%.

It also integrates CSD 3.0 with a 550 mm Die to produce an output of 720 kg/hr. Apart from that the Pentafoil ‐ POD blown film line features Flexiwind 3.0 Surface‐Center‐Gap Winder to deliver a maximum line speed of 150mpm.

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The new five-layer blown film line from Rajoo Engineers comes with thickness control by both air and temperature. It is said to be Industry 4.0 compliant with remote diagnostics and support via smart glasses, said the Rajkot-based plastic extrusion machine manufacturer.

Khushboo Chandrakant Doshi — Rajoo Engineers Managing Director said: “Pentafoil ‐ POD is an innovative, state‐of‐the‐art product with 27% higher output and enhanced features such as thickness control by air and heat, flatness enhancer for flat film, fully automatic surface‐center‐gap winder and remote diagnostics and support, among others.

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“This product exemplifies our relentless efforts towards product development offering most “appropriate technology”, which is the core motto of Rajoo Engineers.”

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