Pye-Barker Fire & Safety acquires century-old Southern Burglar and Fire Alarm in strategic expansion


In a strategic move to expand its service offerings in the South Carolina market, Pye-Barker Fire & Safety, the United States’ leading fully integrated and full-service fire protection, life safety, and security services provider, has acquired Southern Burglar and Fire Alarm, Co. This acquisition integrates a 99-year-old esteemed provider of security solutions, marking a significant enhancement in Pye-Barker’s regional service capabilities.

Legacy and Cultural Alignment

Southern Burglar and Fire Alarm, headquartered in Belton, South Carolina, is renowned for its comprehensive security services, including burglar alarms, fire alarms, CCTV, video surveillance, and alarm monitoring throughout Upstate South Carolina. The company, founded by W. Clarence Clinkscales—who initially ventured into the security sector following a robbery at his own business—has long been celebrated for its commitment to integrity and client-focused service.

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The enduring legacy of Southern Burglar and Fire Alarm is deeply rooted in the Clinkscales family values, emphasizing honesty and integrity. “My grandfather set the foundation for our company’s values and principles, which Pye-Barker also upholds,” explained Hack Clinkscales, the current president of Southern Burglar. He trusts Pye-Barker to continue the legacy of treating their clients and employees with familial respect and care.

Strategic Growth and Continued Operations

Pye-Barker’s acquisition is not just an expansion but a strategic alignment with a company that shares similar core values and has demonstrated low customer and employee turnover due to its positive corporate culture. “It’s a privilege they chose to partner with Pye-Barker,” stated Bart Proctor, CEO of Pye-Barker. He highlighted the cultural and operational synergies that facilitated this merger.

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Despite the change in ownership, Southern Burglar and Fire Alarm will maintain its operational autonomy. The day-to-day operations will continue under the existing leadership, with the support of Pye-Barker’s vast resources, ensuring continuity for customers and employees alike.

Future Prospects and Industry Impact

This acquisition by Pye-Barker not only strengthens its footprint in the Southeastern U.S. but also reinforces its commitment to providing top-tier, localized services across the nation. The integration of Southern Burglar’s longstanding expertise with Pye-Barker’s comprehensive resources promises enhanced service offerings to the existing customer base and potential new clients in the region.

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As Pye-Barker continues to grow, the fire safety and security services landscape is expected to see significant improvements in customer service efficiency and innovation in security solutions. This strategic acquisition sets a precedent for future expansions and mergers within the industry.

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