P&N Group taps Informatica and Snowflake for cloud analytics modernization


Informatica, the preeminent enterprise cloud data management entity listed on NYSE as INFA, has confirmed its strategic partnership with P&N Group, Australia, involving both Informatica and Snowflake, the esteemed Data Cloud company. This collaboration aims to fortify cloud analytics modernization, encompassing Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud’s AI-infused cloud-native services. These services, which comprise data ingestion, orchestration, data quality, and governance, will be integrated into the Snowflake Data Cloud, optimizing reporting, analytics, and data science operations.

Representing P&N Bank in Western Australia and BCU Bank in New South Wales and south-east Queensland, P&N Group is leveraging this technological alliance as a keystone of their digital metamorphosis strategy. The objective? To pioneer a more tailored banking experience for patrons, all the while safeguarding the sanctity and integrity of their personal data.

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By harnessing the capabilities of both Informatica and Snowflake, P&N Group envisions a heightened level of business agility, marked by the swift scaling of copious data volumes and the dismantling of data silos inherent to the systems of both P&N Bank and BCU Bank. This streamlined data landscape is poised to empower the bank’s data science faction to amplify customer satisfaction metrics, customer retention rates, and holistically enrich the customer journey. Furthermore, it will equip the bank with enhanced data management prowess, especially vital for regulatory reporting tasks.

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Chris Malcom, P&N Group’s General Manager of Data & Open Banking, remarked on the venture, stating, “P&N Group’s unwavering commitment to spearhead the banking sector as a premier customer-centric entity in Australia fuels our transformative vision. This vision encompasses a robust investment in pioneering platforms, ensuring stellar data security, state-of-the-art data ingestion, and cutting-edge automated governance frameworks. By synergizing with Informatica and Snowflake, we are poised to redefine next-gen banking paradigms.”

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Echoing the enthusiasm, Richard Scott, Informatica’s Group Vice President for Asia Pacific, shared, “Our alliance with P&N Group is a thrilling endeavor, especially given their aspiration to leverage our avant-garde, AI-driven, cloud-native solutions. Their goal to enhance both customer experiences and maintain stringent regulatory compliance resonates with our ethos. It’s a privilege to partner with such a transformative brand, and we’re geared up to champion their data-centric digital transformation, breathing life into their data.”

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