PM Narendra Modi responds to no-trust Motion in Lok Sabha, exudes confidence for 2024


In a robust response to the no-trust motion in the Lok Sabha, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered sharp criticisms against the opposition, particularly during his speech that led to an opposition walkout. Modi projected a bullish outlook for the 2024 general elections, saying, “The no-confidence motion has always favored us, and it will pave our path to a record mandate next year.”

Modi didn’t hold back when addressing the opposition’s prior actions. “They initiated a no-confidence motion in 2018 too. This recent floor test was more about testing the I.N.D.I.A. alliance than our government,” he observed, adding that events proved him right. As the PM spoke, key Congress figures, Sonia and Rahul Gandhi, alongside other opposition MPs, exited the parliamentary proceedings.

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The prime minister reiterated the government’s unwavering dedication to national development. “Our focus remains on strategic planning and the introduction of necessary reforms. We’re on track to be the world’s third-largest economy,” he declared.

In a notable critique, PM Modi addressed the I.N.D.I.A. alliance: “They rely on NDA’s support for survival. Yet, they remain tethered to their own hubris, symbolized by the two ‘I’s in NDA – representing a coalition of 26 parties and one influential family. Their approach fragments the idea of ‘India’ itself.”

PM Narendra Modi counters no-trust motion in Lok Sabha, projects strong outlook for 2024

PM Narendra Modi counters no-trust motion in Lok Sabha, projects strong outlook for 2024. Photo courtesy of Prime Minister’s Office, Government of India/Wikimedia Commons.

Modi expressed his concern over the opposition’s recurrent obstruction of vital developmental bills, asserting their party interests seemed to overshadow national ones. He then took a moment to extend gratitude to the nation’s citizens for their unwavering trust in his leadership.

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The PM continued his broadside, reminding the opposition of their recent political setbacks, including the “demise of the UPA in Bengaluru”. Targeting Congress, Modi remarked on the party’s inclination to borrow – from adopting a flag reminiscent of the national tricolor to leveraging the Gandhi name for political mileage. He further labeled the Opposition’s stance as an ‘ostrich-like approach’, appreciating their choice of wearing black, which he likened to a protective ‘kaala teeka’.

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Further sharpening his criticism, Modi accused the Congress of doubting India’s capabilities, emphasizing their previous inclinations to trust Pakistan over their own nation, and amplifying any global surveys that might tarnish India’s reputation.

The session culminated in the no-trust motion’s rejection, following a voice vote overseen by the speaker of the lower house, Om Birla, especially notable after key opposition figures, including Rahul Gandhi, made their exit.

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