Physician’s Choice launches NatREM natural sleep aid


Physician’s Choice, a global supplier and developer of high quality supplements with clinically tested ingredients, has introduced the NatREM after months of research and development.

According to Physician’s Choice, is a with clinically proven and patented ingredients that includes Suntheanine’s patented L-Theanine amino acids, Chamomile, Valerian Root, pyridoxal-5- and Melatonin which help in deep and also to wake up feeling fully energized.

There have been many positive customer reviews of natural sleep aid, proving its purpose as an insomnia relief aid and in aiding deep REM sleep.

Ashley Whitman, commenting on the natural sleep aid, said, “I’ve been looking for a that actually worked, my search is over.”

NatREM natural sleep aid from Physician's Choice

NatREM from Physician’s Choice. Photo courtesy of Physician’s Choice.

In addition, among many reviews, one Amazon customer said: “After using prescription sleeping aids for two years, I decided to try a more natural remedy. My doctor suggested melatonin and valerian root and Wala, this product contains both. I have been using this for a couple weeks now and find getting to sleep and staying asleep no problem.”

The NatREM is manufacturer in the US in an NPA, organic and GMP certified registered facility, says Physician’s Choice.

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