Persistent Systems launches innovative open-source maintenance service


Persistent Systems, a leader in digital engineering and enterprise modernization, has launched a unique open-source maintenance service. This service is designed to help organizations keep their open-source software up-to-date with all patches, bug fixes, and incorporate the latest software releases. It features a dedicated team of experts and specialists equipped with the latest technologies, ensuring the continuity of business operations.

Addressing Challenges in Open-Source Software

More than 90% of an application’s software comprises open-source components. While open-source software offers numerous advantages, it presents specific challenges in enterprise environments, such as delays in software upgrades and maintenance. Persistent’s service aims to address these challenges, ensuring component upgrades while maintaining security and integrity. It utilizes cutting-edge technologies like Large Language Models and Generative AI to accelerate enterprise operations, providing fast, high-quality, compatible, and secure fixes.

Persistent Systems introduces cutting-edge service for open-source software management

Persistent Systems introduces cutting-edge service for open-source software management

Service Offerings and Subscriptions

Persistent Systems offers a range of services under this new initiative, including a complimentary project assessment and two premium subscriptions. The complimentary service provides insights into potential vulnerabilities, while the premium subscriptions offer tailored open-source solutions, including timely alerts, support, and automated deployment of solutions.

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Partnership with Lineaje Inc.

Persistent has partnered with Lineaje Inc., a leader in software supply chain security management. This collaboration integrates Lineaje’s technology and advanced AI capabilities into Persistent’s open-source service, enhancing supply chain security and compatibility assessments.

Comments from Persistent Systems and Lineaje Inc. Leaders

Nitish Shrivastava, Senior Vice President and Head of Product Business at Persistent, highlighted the service’s ability to provide high-quality, customized fixes to open-source components, enhancing operational efficiency and meeting governance standards. Javed Hasan, CEO of Lineaje Inc., emphasized the critical need for managed and secure open-source components in modern software development.

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Impact on Software Development and Security

Persistent Systems’ open-source maintenance service is set to transform how organizations manage their software components, providing updates compatible with existing systems and delivering pre-tested certified fixes. It aims to establish a standardized service for timely open-source maintenance and foster collaboration within the open-source community.

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