PepsiCo launches Dallas and Barcelona digital hubs to expedite digitalization


Soft drinks giant PepsiCo said that it has launched its first two digital hubs in North America and Europe, located respectively in Dallas and Barcelona, in its efforts to accelerate digitalization.

PepsiCo said that the hubs will centralize skills and development while delivering artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and other emerging digital capabilities.

The beverage and snacking company revealed its intentions to open more digital hubs in the future.

Over the next three years, the Dallas and Barcelona hubs are likely to generate over 500 new, data and digital jobs.

With the creation of state-of-the-art workspaces designed for collaboration in real-time, the capabilities and talent contained within the two digital hubs will fuel the digitalization strategy of PepsiCo and build an international digital delivery network.

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According to PepsiCo, its digital Hub in Dallas will help in creating global solutions with an emphasis on satisfying the requirements of the company’s PepsiCo Foods North America and PepsiCo Beverages North America businesses.

On the other hand, the Barcelona digital hub of PepsiCo will function as a center of excellence to support its global digitalization priority programs. The two hubs will speed up the manner in which PepsiCo creates, centralizes, and deploys key digital capabilities, including instant, comprehensive, predictive analytics, and ecosystem engagement across the company’s global operations.

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Athina Kanioura — Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer of PepsiCo said: “Our Digital Hubs will support PepsiCo’s efforts to be an even Faster, Stronger and Better Company.

“By creating an agile and dedicated environment where innovation will thrive, our talent will have the opportunity to lead work that will reach global scale and have a significant impact for PepsiCo for many years to come.”

PepsiCo launches Dallas and Barcelona digital hubs to expedite digitalization

PepsiCo launches Dallas and Barcelona digital hubs to expedite digitalization. Photo courtesy of Warszawska róg Szerokiej w Tomaszowie Mazowieckim, w województwie łódzkim, PL, EU/Wikimedia Commons.

PepsiCo said that the capabilities will move the company closer to a vision for the future where customers will have better access to live information on inventory and sales. Besides, consumers will enjoy the constant availability of products at the right location at the right time, at the right price, said PepsiCo.

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Additionally, employees will benefit from predictive decision-making tools which will allow them to handle more complex situations with greater efficiency.

PepiCo’s digital innovation efforts include using AI to ensure uniformity in Cheetos every time, improving water consumption, and stopping leaks from manufacturing factories.

The soft drinks giant said that its digital hubs will greatly influence how it approaches the process of planning, creating, moving the products, selling them, and delivering them.

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