Pedicure : Beauty Tips at Home

What is meant by Pedicure?

Pedicure helps in improving the appearance of the feet to make the feet and nails look beautiful.

English: Exfoliation tools used by women in 20...

English: Exfoliation tools used by women in 2011. Shown top right: plastic bath sponge, below it a brush with a pumice stone on one side and a bristle brush on the other side, on the bottom left a mud mask package, on the top left a jar of perfumed body scrub (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pedicure is the care of the feet, nails and the toes. It refers to a superficial cosmetic treatment to improve the appearance of the nails and the feet.

Pedicure helps in preventing nail disorders.

Pedicure also helps in removing the dead skin cells from the bottom of the feet by rubbing with a pumice stone.

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