Owkin and AWS join forces to transform precision medicine


Owkin, a pioneering TechBio company known for combining human and artificial intelligence to tailor treatments for individual patients, has announced a strategic collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to innovate in the fields of drug discovery, clinical trial acceleration, and the development of AI diagnostics.

Leveraging AWS’s global infrastructure and its secure, extensive, and reliable cloud platform, Owkin aims to enhance its data operations, achieve operational excellence, and advance precision medicine research.

Owkin’s cofounder and CEO, Thomas Clozel, emphasized the company’s vision for the future of precision medicine, highlighting the significance of technologies that can securely and privately unlock insights from vast patient data. The partnership with AWS is poised to amplify this vision by utilizing the cloud’s power, security, and flexibility, thereby unlocking new possibilities for research initiatives.

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The collaboration is set to fast-track innovation in biotech through the use of high-performance computing and machine learning tools. By integrating Owkin’s specialized R&D in biotech with AWS’s scalable cloud services, Owkin plans to meet its substantial storage needs, develop generative AI applications, and refine foundation models. Amazon SageMaker will play a critical role in this process, enabling Owkin to build, train, and deploy machine learning models efficiently, thereby enhancing the deployment of its AI solutions across various sectors and ultimately improving patient health outcomes.

Owkin Teams Up with Amazon Web Services to Revolutionize Precision Medicine and Drug Discovery

Owkin Teams Up with Amazon Web Services to Revolutionize Precision Medicine and Drug Discovery

Both companies are committed to leveraging their expertise to overcome challenges in precision medicine. AWS’s Healthcare and Life Sciences team, with its diverse experience across the healthcare sector, will work alongside Owkin to facilitate groundbreaking discoveries and develop transformative solutions addressing global healthcare challenges.

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Dan Sheeran, General Manager of Healthcare and Life Sciences at AWS, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, underscoring the role of cloud technology and generative AI in accelerating healthcare and life sciences innovation. AWS’s flexible, secure, and scalable infrastructure, including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) UltraClusters and NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs, will enable Owkin to access supercomputer-class performance, significantly reducing the time required to train machine learning models.

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This strategic alliance marks a significant leap forward in the use of cloud technology and AI in healthcare. By combining Owkin’s expertise in precision medicine with AWS’s robust cloud infrastructure, this partnership promises to lower costs, accelerate the discovery and development of targeted treatments, and pave the way for more personalized patient care.

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