Owkin and AWS forge path to precision medicine with strategic collaboration


Owkin, a pioneering TechBio company, has announced a strategic collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to innovate in the field of drug discovery, enhance clinical trials, and advance AI diagnostics. This partnership is set to leverage AWS’s global infrastructure and cloud platform capabilities to boost data operations and accelerate research in precision medicine, aiming to personalize treatment for every patient effectively.

At the core of this collaboration is the goal to transform the landscape of biotech innovation through high-performance computing and machine learning tools. Owkin’s integration with AWS’s scalable cloud infrastructure is a game-changer, allowing it to handle petabyte-scale storage needs, develop cutting-edge generative AI applications, and refine foundation models. Utilizing Amazon SageMaker, Owkin plans to build, train, and deploy machine learning models more efficiently, process high-quality data at scale, and fast-track the deployment of its AI solutions across research partners, pathology labs, and the biopharma sector, ultimately aiming to improve patient health outcomes.

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Thomas Clozel, cofounder and CEO of Owkin, emphasized the importance of collective intelligence and collaboration in advancing precision medicine. “Teaming up with AWS enables us to harness the power, security, and flexibility of the cloud, unlocking new possibilities for our research initiatives,” he stated, highlighting the synergy between Owkin’s innovative technologies and AWS’s robust cloud solutions.

Owkin Teams Up with Amazon Web Services to Revolutionize Precision Medicine and Drug Discovery

Owkin Teams Up with Amazon Web Services to Revolutionize Precision Medicine and Drug Discovery

AWS’s Healthcare and Life Sciences team, comprising experts with extensive experience in the pharma, biotech, and regulatory sectors, will collaborate with Owkin to leverage technology in addressing the critical challenges of precision medicine. This collaboration aspires to make significant strides in discovering and developing targeted treatments, driven by the joint expertise of Owkin and AWS.

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Dan Sheeran, General Manager of Healthcare and Life Sciences at AWS, shared his enthusiasm about the impact of cloud computing and AI on healthcare innovation. “We are excited to support Owkin in their journey to discover and develop better, more targeted treatments faster with our flexible, secure, and scalable infrastructure and generative AI tools,” he remarked.

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Owkin will utilize AWS’s high-performance, scalable infrastructure, including Amazon EC2 UltraClusters and NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs, to achieve supercomputer-class performance on-demand. This advanced setup will enable Owkin to significantly reduce the time required to train machine learning models, from days to hours, facilitating rapid advancements in research and development.

Moreover, Owkin will benefit from AWS’s comprehensive data sovereignty controls and compliance certifications, ensuring full control over their data while fostering secure collaborations. This commitment to data security and regulatory compliance underscores the partnership’s dedication to building a secure and efficient ecosystem for precision medicine research.

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