Oncocross and JW Pharmaceutical forge new path in AI-driven drug development


In a significant stride toward revolutionizing drug discovery and development, Seoul-based biotech firm Oncocross announced on May 22nd a renewed joint research agreement with JW Pharmaceutical. This collaboration aims to leverage artificial intelligence to accelerate the development of new drugs, particularly in the fields of anticancer and regenerative medicine.

Leveraging AI for Faster, More Efficient Drug Development

At the heart of this partnership is Oncocross’s proprietary AI platform, RAPTOR AI. Designed to identify and validate new indications for drug candidates or existing drugs, RAPTOR AI represents a pivotal advancement in pharmaceutical research. By integrating AI, the platform aims to enhance the accuracy, reduce the costs, and shorten the development times of new drugs compared to traditional methods.

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A Track Record of Success and Future Prospects

This isn’t the first collaboration between Oncocross and JW Pharmaceutical. Their previous joint research in 2022 focused on identifying new indications for drug candidates. This effort resulted in JW Pharmaceutical securing positive data for expanding an orphan disease indication, which is now advancing to further development stages.

Innovative Partnership in Biotech: Oncocross and JW Pharmaceutical Target New Drug Discoveries

Innovative Partnership in Biotech: Oncocross and JW Pharmaceutical Target New Drug Discoveries

With RAPTOR AI’s technology already proven, JW Pharmaceutical anticipates this collaboration will decrease the time required for new indication screening and increase the likelihood of success in clinical trials, particularly for their ‘first-in-class’ drug pipeline.

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Statements from Corporate Leaders

JW Pharmaceutical has expressed a commitment to innovation, acknowledging the high research and development capabilities required for discovering new drug candidates and indications. “We will continue to pursue diverse partnerships with innovative local and global biotech companies like Oncocross,” a company spokesperson stated.

Dr. Yirang Kim, CEO of Oncocross, remarked on the collaboration’s significance, “This follow-on collaboration is significant in the sense that the utility and commercial value of RAPTOR AI has been recognized in the market.” He further emphasized the ongoing commitment to setting standards in AI-driven drug development collaborations.

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The partnership between Oncocross and JW Pharmaceutical is setting a new benchmark in the use of AI in pharmaceutical research. As they move forward, the healthcare and biotech communities watch closely, anticipating how this collaboration will reshape approaches to treating complex diseases like cancer and fostering advancements in regenerative medicine.

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