Roller coaster nightmare: Shocking ordeal that left festival goers hanging


A heart-stopping incident unfolded at a fair in Crandon, Wisconsin, on Sunday when a roller coaster came to a sudden halt midway, leaving eight people, including seven children, suspended upside down.

The festival, held at the Crandon International Raceway, was in its final day when the roller coaster reportedly experienced a mechanical malfunction. Despite the terrifying ordeal, no injuries were reported, although one individual was taken to the hospital for reasons that remain undisclosed.

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According to initial reports, the fault in the roller coaster appears to be linked to a mechanical failure, but the definitive cause remains undetermined. Brennan Cook, a captain from the local fire department, shared with CNN affiliate WJFW that the ride had recently undergone a state inspection on-site before the failure occurred, leaving it stuck in an upright position.

Eight people, mostly children, left dangling as roller coaster stalls in Wisconsin

Eight people, mostly children, left dangling as roller coaster stalls in Wisconsin

Relaying the passengers’ experience, Firefighter EMT Erica Kostichka acknowledged their fear, stating they had been suspended upside down for a considerable duration. Images and videos of the alarming incident swiftly circulated on various social media platforms, depicting the fairgoers hanging upside down.

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In a related event, a prominent crack recently led to the closure of a roller coaster in a North Carolina amusement park. The crack, substantial enough to be seen with the naked eye, caused a support beam to shift out of position when a car, carrying passengers, traversed over it.

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