Morgan Dempsey Capital partners with Merchant for risk-adjusted return methodologies


Morgan Dempsey Capital, an asset management firm with $600M AUM, today announced its collaboration with Merchant. The partnership aims to accelerate the adoption of risk-adjusted return methodologies in the wealth management community, offering innovative solutions to professionals in need of enhanced risk management strategies amid an elevated-risk environment.

Renowned for managing assets for institutions, individual investors, and Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) through separately managed accounts and model-based platforms, Morgan Dempsey Capital prioritizes conviction in its analysis and patience in its beliefs. Acknowledging the significance of risk-adjusted returns in today’s economic context, the firm asserts that robust risk management is pivotal for wealth managers to deliver client value.

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Morgan Dempsey’s commitment to risk management is demonstrated in its stellar performance. The firm’s equity investing strategies, including Large Cap Value and Microcap Value equity strategies, have delivered risk-adjusted returns ranking the firm in the top decile among US-based large-cap value managers. This impressive record spans five, ten, 15, and 20 years, ending March 31, 2023, further validated by a prestigious 5-star overall rating from Morningstar as of December 31, 2022.

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David Mrazik, Managing Partner at Merchant, commented, “By collaborating with Merchant, Morgan Dempsey aims to further enhance its position as a leader in delivering risk-adjusted returns and expand its reach in the wealth management industry. In a time of high inflation levels, elevated geo-political risk, and increased demand for risk management-focused asset managers, Morgan Dempsey’s expertise and success in delivering risk-adjusted returns align perfectly with the needs of the wealth management community.”

Dave Isaacson, Portfolio Specialist at Morgan Dempsey, expressed delight at the partnership. He stated, “Our collaboration will empower wealth managers with enhanced risk management capabilities, enabling them to navigate the current economic landscape and deliver superior outcomes to their clients.”

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This strategic partnership between Morgan Dempsey and Merchant is set to leverage their respective strengths to provide wealth management professionals with advanced tools and insights to optimize risk-adjusted returns. The collaboration seeks to raise awareness about the importance of risk management and promote the adoption of risk-adjusted returns methodologies within the wealth management community.

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