Moody’s invests in alternative data and insights provider MioTech


Moody’s Corporation, a US-based risk assessment firm, has acquired a minority stake in MioTech, a Hong Kong-based alternative data and insights provider, for an undisclosed price.

MioTech caters to the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and know your customer (KYC) markets in Greater China.

According to Moody’s, the investment marks commitment to offering the evolving financial markets in China with innovative ESG and KYC solutions.

MioTech employs artificial intelligence (AI) for tracking and scanning alternative data sources associated with ESG and KYC factors, supply chains, and financial information for more than 800,000 public and private firms in China.

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The company’s analytical tools are said to be designed to convert unstructured datasets into insights for portfolio managers, risk managers, and research analysts.

MioTech’s AI algorithms in real-time are claimed to detect the vulnerabilities of entities by tracking news, social media, disclosure, and other types of alternative data.

Moody’s invests in alternative data and insights provider MioTech

Moody’s invests in alternative data and insights provider MioTech

Min Ye – Managing Director and Head of International for Moody’s said: “MioTech’s leading technology platform collates and analyzes an impressive range of company, industry, ESG, and KYC data from a variety of public sources to provide relevant information to customers.

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“Our partnership will provide valuable data, analytics, and insights to China’s domestic risk and investment markets.”

Moody’s and its affiliates will look to integrate the alternative data and product offerings of MioTech to optimize analytical processes, monitor portfolios, inform risk assessments, fast track product developments, and broaden coverage of China.

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Jason Tu – CEO and Co-founder of MioTech said: “MioTech looks forward to an exciting partnership with Moody’s.

“Moody’s deep industry know-how will further strengthen MioTech’s data and technology across different sectors and geographies.”

MioTech will continue to operate as an independent firm.

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