Mission Wealth merges with Charles Carroll Financial Partners to expand client services and partner base


Mission Wealth LP, a prominent national wealth management firm, has recently announced a significant merger with Charles Carroll Financial Partners. This strategic move not only underscores Charles Carroll’s dedication to exceptional client service but also solidifies its internal succession plan. This merger represents the fourth such integration by Mission Wealth in the past thirteen months, welcoming the firm’s 37th partner into its fold.

Based in Needham, Massachusetts, Charles Carroll Financial Partners is known for its tailored investment management and financial planning services, meticulously aligned with clients’ unique needs, goals, and aspirations. The merger promises to bolster Mission Wealth’s capacity to deliver top-tier services to both new and existing clients throughout the New England region. “We are excited to welcome Bill and Andrew, a father-son duo, into the Mission Wealth family. They will continue their tradition of providing personalized, expert guidance to their clients,” stated Matthew Adams, CEO and Managing Partner of Mission Wealth.

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Founded in 2000 by Brad Stark and Seth Streeter, Mission Wealth is committed to leading the wealth management industry’s evolution, focusing on delivering superior service and advice. Managing over $7.4 billion in assets, Mission Wealth prides itself on its independence from external shareholders or capital providers. The firm’s equity structure, emphasizing inclusivity and opportunity for all employees to become shareholders, has successfully fostered the next generation of Wealth Advisors. “Our equity structure ensures that all employees of the firm have the opportunity to become a shareholder through four distinct pathways,” Adams highlighted, affirming their commitment to nurturing talent and guiding them towards partnership.

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The merger between Mission Wealth LP and Charles Carroll Financial Partners is a strategic move that reflects the evolving landscape of the wealth management industry. By combining their strengths, both firms not only enhance their service offerings but also solidify a robust succession plan that ensures long-term stability and growth. This partnership exemplifies how strategic mergers can serve as a catalyst for expansion and innovation within the financial sector, offering a blueprint for others in the industry seeking to enhance client services and internal growth pathways.

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