Infosys joins forces with BP for developing Energy as-a -Service offering

Infosys has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with energy giant BP for working together to develop an integrated Energy as-a -Service (EaaS) offering that will offer end-to-end management of the energy assets and services of customers.

The firms plan to pursue opportunities using the energy and mobility expertise of BP and the digital capabilities of Infosys to handle energy assets, provide low carbon power, low carbon heating/cooling, and low carbon mobility to campuses, powered by a digital platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

The integrated Energy-as-a-Service solution will look to enable Infosys campuses to access low carbon energy and mobility options that are reliable, make use of energy more efficiently, and streamline supply and demand across various users and assets, without the need to invest in additional energy infrastructure.

Pravin Rao – Chief Operating Officer at Infosys said: “Digitization will act as a driver for decarbonization and building work and living spaces of the future. With the present advancement in technology, we can create solutions that provide positive impulses, transparency, control, and enhanced decision-making.

“Infosys has had a long-standing commitment towards sustainability.

“We have crafted ambitious ESG goals for the next decade, continuing to focus on reducing emissions and co-creating solutions for a no/low carbon future.

“bp – our strategic partner for the last 16 years – shares our ambitions for a net zero carbon future and this partnership gives us a perfect opportunity to co-innovate and co-create the Integrated Energy and mobility offering leveraging Infosys digital prowess and bp’s expertise in sustainable energy solutions.”

Infosys joins forces with BP for developing Energy as-a -Service offering

Infosys joins forces with BP for developing Energy as-a -Service offering. Photo courtesy of Infosys Limited.

According to Infosys, a pilot will be undertaken by the partners at its Pune campus, after which the Energy-as-a-Service solution will be deployed at its other campuses. The partners will focus on finding opportunities to manage energy and cut down emissions at industrial and business parks and also cities.

Sashi Mukundan – President of BP India and SVP at BP said: “Integrated energy and mobility solutions have huge potential to enable clean cities powered by low carbon energy, and digital platforms are a vital component.

“We are excited to work with Infosys to explore how digitally-enabled integrated energy can deliver reliable, efficient and low carbon energy for Infosys campuses.

“Through this strategic collaboration bp and Infosys can combine our capabilities to manage energy for Infosys in India, and in time take this offer to other campuses, industrial parks and cities, to help the world decarbonise faster.”

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