Mission Wealth and Charles Carroll Financial Partners announce strategic merger


In a significant development in the wealth management sector, Mission Wealth LP, a leading national wealth management firm, has officially announced its merger with Charles Carroll Financial Partners. This merger, priced prominently at the forefront of this announcement, marks a strategic move aimed at enhancing client service and securing a robust internal succession plan for Charles Carroll Financial Partners. This collaboration signifies the fourth such integration for Mission Wealth in the past thirteen months, showcasing the company’s aggressive expansion strategy and its commitment to strengthening its portfolio with the addition of its 37th partner.

Headquartered in Needham, Massachusetts, Charles Carroll Financial Partners is renowned for its tailored investment management and financial planning services, which are meticulously designed to align with clients’ individual needs, goals, and aspirations. This merger is expected to bolster Mission Wealth’s capabilities, enabling it to deliver superior service to both new and existing clients in the New England region. Matthew Adams, CEO and Managing Partner of Mission Wealth, expressed enthusiasm about the merger, highlighting the continuation of personalized, expert guidance by the father-son duo, Bill and Andrew, from Charles Carroll Financial Partners.

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Founded in 2000 by Brad Stark and Seth Streeter, Mission Wealth has consistently demonstrated its dedication to redefining the future of wealth management. The firm manages over $7.4 billion in assets and prides itself on remaining independent, without reliance on external shareholders or capital. The co-founders initiated an internal succession plan in 2008, ensuring that the company’s legacy and client-centric focus endure. Today, Mission Wealth celebrates having 37 shareholders, emphasizing a democratic equity structure that offers all employees a chance to become shareholders through four distinct pathways.

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Carroll W. “Bill” Hayes, MBA, CFP®, and Andrew Conway bring a wealth of experience to Mission Wealth. Hayes, who began his financial career at Merrill Lynch in 1989, has held various roles at Fidelity Investments, managing over $3 billion and an international client base. Andrew Conway, a Harvard University graduate, has expertise in college planning, ETFs, retirement plans for small businesses, and emerging technologies. Both are committed to ensuring a seamless transition for their clients, leveraging Mission Wealth’s resources, tools, and support to enhance service delivery.

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The merger between Mission Wealth and Charles Carroll Financial Partners represents a pivotal moment in the wealth management industry, promising to deliver enhanced services and expertise to clients. It also underscores the importance of strategic partnerships in ensuring the longevity and success of wealth management firms. As the industry continues to evolve, such mergers are crucial for firms looking to expand their service offerings and client base while maintaining a high standard of personalized financial guidance.

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