MIRAI Capital Global invests in DigiMaaya to revolutionize fintech in MENA


MIRAI Capital Global, in collaboration with the Royal Private Family Office of H.H. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al-Qassimi of the UAE and other global family offices and growth partners MIRAI JMAC, has announced a strategic partnership and a significant investment to fuel growth in the UAE and the MENA region. This partnership underscores a nonbinding commitment of $7 million in DigiMaaya, an emerging technology firm focusing on Digital Assets Exchange and Bank, marking a pivotal moment in the evolution of digital finance.

DigiMaaya stands at the forefront of democratizing financial purchasing through innovative solutions such as fractional asset offerings, crafting a comprehensive marketplace and diverse product mixes. The initiative is driven by Dunston Pereira, Group CEO of the Private Office of H.H. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al-Qassimi, Pranav Jyoti, Chief Investment Officer for the Private Office, and Vinoth Beemjee, Senior Partner and Regional Head, APAC, at MIRAI Capital Global. Together, they recognize the transformative potential DigiMaaya brings to the financial sector, leveraging cutting-edge technology stacks that embody the essence of Industry 4.0 through blockchain, AI, encryption, cryptography, and VR.

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Vinoth Beemjee highlights DigiMaaya’s comprehensive suite of services, including trading, loans, insurance, tax calculators, and financial health cards, emphasizing the venture’s commitment to building smart services. This investment by MIRAI Capital Global signifies confidence in DigiMaaya’s seasoned team to revolutionize the fintech space with user-centric solutions.

Utsav Dar, Founder & CEO of DigiMaaya, articulates the company’s mission to prioritize stakeholders, underscoring a culture driven by a shared passion for creating a global, regulated, and compliant Financial SuperApp. The DigiMaaya team, comprising industry leaders and specialists like Heero Punjabi, Punnoose Joseph, Preet Gill, and Dr. Chiraag Jain, is dedicated to establishing DigiMaaya as a leading fintech super app.

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As the digital economy progresses, DigiMaaya is strategically positioning itself as a market leader in the global fintech arena, enabling modern financial transactions through its advanced, regulated app. DigiMaaya’s unique selling points include a 100% licensed and regulated app, transparent audit mechanisms, multilingual appellate solutions, steady liquidity, and a seamless transition to Web3, enhancing user engagement through educational series and incentivized benefits.

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MIRAI Capital Global’s backing of DigiMaaya not only reflects a belief in the company’s innovative approach but also in its leadership team’s ability to deliver substantial value in the rapidly evolving fintech landscape. This strategic investment and partnership are set to catalyze fintech innovation, offering promising new directions for digital finance in the MENA region and beyond.

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