Torrent Power secures power supply contract amid summer demand surge


Torrent Power Limited (TPL) has been awarded a crucial contract by NTPC Vidyut Vyapar Nigam Limited (NVVN) on March 01, 2024, marking a significant development in India’s energy sector. The contract, obtained through competitive bidding, entails the supply of power from TPL’s gas-based DGEN, Dahej, Power Plant during the forthcoming summer’s high demand period, spanning from March 16, 2024, to June 30, 2024. This move is part of the Government of India’s initiative, facilitated by NVVN, to address the country’s escalating power demand during peak periods, particularly in summer and post-monsoon seasons.

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Under the agreement, TPL is set to supply a minimum of 388 Million Units (MUs) of power with a contracted capacity of 770 MW. The actual power offtake may increase depending on the real-time demand during the specified period. Torrent Power, boasting a substantial 2730 MW gas-based power generation capacity, is positioned as a key player in mitigating India’s power supply challenges during demand surges.

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The selection of gas-based power for this initiative underscores the method’s benefits, including high efficiency, flexibility, and significantly lower emissions compared to traditional coal-based power generation. This strategic move aligns with broader environmental and efficiency goals, showcasing the country’s shift towards more sustainable energy solutions during critical demand periods.

Experts view this contract as a testament to Torrent Power’s robust capabilities and NVVN’s commitment to leveraging cleaner energy sources to ensure reliable power supply during peak demand. The partnership between TPL and NVVN is anticipated to play a pivotal role in overcoming the seasonal power shortages, thereby contributing to the stability of India’s power grid during crucial times.

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This contract signifies a strategic step forward in addressing India’s power demand challenges through sustainable means. Torrent Power’s involvement highlights the company’s pivotal role in the energy sector, especially in deploying gas-based power generation to meet peak demand efficiently and environmentally responsibly.

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