MingZhu Logistics announces strategic acquisition of Oxylus Global


MingZhu Logistics Holdings Limited (Nasdaq: YGMZ), a prominent provider of logistics and transportation services, has announced its agreement to acquire Oxylus Global Inc., marking a significant step in its aggressive business diversification and growth acceleration strategy. The all-stock acquisition, pending customary closing conditions including regulatory approvals, is slated for completion by the end of 2024.

Strategic Expansion Through Innovative Technologies

This acquisition is part of MingZhu’s strategic initiative to incorporate globally leading, transformational technologies into its operations. The company aims to modernize the traditional logistics industry into a high-performance satellite and AI-based services platform. This includes developing intelligent logistics networks and leveraging precious metal exchanges and securitization to enable fintech services.

Oxylus Global Inc. is at the forefront of deploying and operating the world’s first virtual Starlink and space-based supercomputing and optical communications network. This integration will allow MingZhu to significantly enhance its service offerings, particularly in digital asset infrastructure services which are becoming increasingly vital in global logistics.

MingZhu’s Commitment to Cutting-Edge Solutions

MingZhu’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Jinlong Yang, expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition, stating, “Oxylus is fast becoming an industry leader with a proven track record, which is a testament to its strong vision, leadership, culture, and execution. We are confident the addition of Oxylus’s robust and successful platform will accelerate our growth, while significantly expanding our future opportunities.”

The acquisition is expected to create significant long-term value for shareholders by integrating Oxylus’s advanced technologies such as satellite-based communication and IoT infrastructure, big data, and AI-powered laser communications platforms into MingZhu’s operations.

Impact on the Global Logistics Market

The strategic acquisition is poised to transform not just MingZhu but also the broader logistics market, enabling enhanced operational efficiencies, higher returns on invested capital, and greater success in a competitive landscape. This move aligns with MingZhu’s goal to lead in the evolution of logistics through advanced technology and innovation.

As MingZhu and Oxylus combine their strengths, the potential for reshaping the logistics and transportation sector through advanced technology and integrated solutions looks more promising than ever.

About Oxylus Global Inc.:

Based in Zug, Switzerland, with regional offices in Shanghai, Seoul, and New York, Oxylus is pioneering in AI-enabled, global satellite network operations which support customers worldwide.

About MingZhu Logistics Holdings Limited:

Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China, MingZhu Logistics Holdings Limited provides tailored logistics solutions across China, leveraging its extensive network density and geographic coverage.

Future Outlook and Industry Impact

The merger between MingZhu and Oxylus is expected to set a new benchmark in the logistics industry, fostering innovation and driving efficiency in global supply chain management. This strategic move demonstrates MingZhu’s commitment to maintaining its leadership in the logistics sector by embracing next-generation technologies.

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