Messer commissions new production facility for industrial gases in Vietnam

Messer, a German industrial gases company, has commissioned an air separation plant in Dung Quat, Vietnam, located on the site of the new steelwork of the Hoa Phat Group.

The new air separation facility will supply air gases to the Vietnamese steel producer directly through a gas pipeline.

The new air separation plant in Dung Quat will produce oxygen, nitrogen, and argon from a total of 400,000 m3 of process air per hour.

Around 17,000 m3 of concrete were processed for the construction of the air separation facility, which is based on piles totaling 33,000 meters in length.

Photo of the air separation plant in Dung Quat

air separation plant in Dung Quat

Messer commissions new air separation plant in Dung Quat, Vietnam. Photo courtesy of Messer.

The Dung Quat site is considered to be one of Messer’s largest production locations following the commission of the new air separation facility.

Messer said it has been cooperating with the Hoa Phat Group since 2007 and had to consider the extreme temperatures in the Vietnamese city and also the high humidity in the summer months while planning the air gases facility.

The design and construction works of the air separation plant in Dung Quat were carried out by two engineering teams from Vietnam and Europe.

Headquartered in Bad Soden, Messer focuses its business on 30 European and Asian countries. The family-run company sells gases for industrial use such as oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, helium, shielding gases and gases for medical use.

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