Mahindra Group launches new compact light weight tractor Swaraj Target


Swaraj Tractors, a prominent Indian tractor brand owned by the Mahindra Group, has introduced a new range of compact light weight tractors named the ‘Swaraj Target’.

With its exceptional performance, first-in-class features, and cutting-edge technology, the Swaraj Target range is expected to set a new standard in the Compact Light Weight tractor category.

The name “Swaraj Target” reflects the brand’s commitment to meeting the unique requirements of Indian farmers and helping them achieve their farm productivity goals through specialized mechanization solutions. These tractors have been developed specifically for progressive and ambitious farmers who are eager to adopt the latest agricultural practices and technologies.

The Swaraj Target range seamlessly combines power and advanced technology features to deliver exceptional efficiency in spraying, interculture operations, and various other applications.

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The tractors incorporate advanced technologies such as a synchromesh gearbox, offering smooth gear shifts similar to a car-like experience. Operators can effortlessly control multiple implements with the touch of a button. Additionally, the narrow track width and low turning radius enable farmers to navigate tight spaces with ease, thereby increasing productivity while minimizing crop damage.

Swaraj Tractors will initially launch two models in the 20-30 HP (14.91 – 22.37kW) category under the Swaraj Target range. The first model, the Swaraj Target 630, will be available through Swaraj’s extensive dealer network in Maharashtra and Karnataka, with prices starting from INR 5.35 lakhs ex-showroom. The Swaraj Target 625 model will be introduced at a later stage.

The Swaraj Target range boasts several cutting-edge features that provide exceptional power and performance. These features include a powerful DI Engine with 87 Nm torque for effortlessly pulling trailed sprayers of up to 800 liters, the narrowest Flexi Track Width in its category, a maximum lift capacity of 980 kgf, ADDC Hydraulics for uniform depth control in draft implements, and the highest PTO power in its class.

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Moreover, the range incorporates best-in-class technology features that ensure future readiness. These features include Spray Saver Switch technology for controlling PTO on and off, a MaxCool Radiator for improved heat dissipation even during extended running hours, Sync-Shift Transmission for comfortable gear shifting, Wet IPTO Clutch technology for continuous operation of PTO implements, and Engine Key Stop for convenient engine control.

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Additionally, features like Balanced Power Steering, Clear and Powerful Headlamps, Stylish Digital Cluster, Fully Sealed 4WD Portal Axle, and Dual PTO (540 & 540 E Economy PTO) further enhance the range’s performance and efficiency.

With the launch of the Swaraj Target range, Swaraj Tractors aims to revolutionize the Compact Light Weight tractor segment, offering farmers a powerful and technologically advanced solution to meet their diverse farming needs and boost their productivity.

Harish Chavan — Mahindra & Mahindra CEO said: “Swaraj Tractors are renowned for their higher power and reliability, and with this new platform, we are offering advanced technology that will assist farmers in achieving their targets in farm productivity by adopting modern agricultural practices and high-value crops.”

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