Lukka enhances blockchain analytics capabilities with acquisition of Coinfirm


Lukka, a leader in digital asset data and software solutions, has strategically acquired Coinfirm, a prominent European blockchain analytics company. This acquisition significantly enhances Lukka’s on-chain analytics capabilities, adding robust compliance, anti-money laundering (AML), sanction screening, and investigative solutions to its portfolio.

Comprehensive and Trustworthy Data Solutions

Since its founding in 2014, Lukka has been pivotal in bridging the gap between complex blockchain data and traditional business requirements. Coinfirm, established in 2016, has excelled in AML detection and blockchain transaction analysis. The integration of Coinfirm’s advanced analytics into Lukka’s platform aims to streamline customer experiences by reducing vendor overlap and inefficiencies, a demand clearly articulated by Lukka’s customer base.

Industry-Leading Standards and Future Outlook

The alignment between Lukka and Coinfirm was strengthened by their shared commitment to high standards, such as adherence to AICPA SOC 2, audited by a Big Four accounting firm. Robert Materazzi, CEO of Lukka, emphasized the acquisition’s role in enhancing data quality and consolidating crypto data solutions under one provider.

The integration promises not only to expand Lukka’s service offerings but also to position the company at the forefront of providing enterprise-grade blockchain solutions. With a continuous strategy to engage with innovative teams globally, Lukka is set on maintaining its leadership in the evolving digital asset industry.

Lukka’s acquisition of Coinfirm represents a significant step in enhancing its blockchain analytics and compliance services, setting a new standard for data reliability and solution integration in the digital asset space.

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