Extraordinary Brands acquires Row House to expand fitness portfolio


In a strategic move to diversify and strengthen its fitness offerings, Extraordinary Brands has announced the acquisition of Row House, a leading rowing-focused group training brand. This acquisition marks the third boutique fitness brand to join the conglomerate, following Eat the Frog Fitness and pūrvelo, under the umbrella of Premium Service Brands.

Unique Fitness Experience Added to Portfolio

Founded in 2014, Row House is renowned for its inclusive and effective full-body workouts derived from the sport of rowing. The brand has experienced rapid growth across the United States, offering a unique, low-impact, high-energy fitness experience. This latest addition is set to enrich Extraordinary Brands’ already diverse lineup of fitness services.

Future Growth and Support for Row House

With this acquisition, Row House will benefit from Extraordinary Brands’ extensive support in marketing, operations, and growth strategies. RJ Krone, President of Extraordinary Brands, expressed enthusiasm about integrating Row House into their portfolio, highlighting the brand’s alignment with their vision of delivering top-notch, varied fitness experiences. The move underscores Extraordinary Brands’ commitment to meeting the diverse fitness needs of a broad audience.

This strategic acquisition by Extraordinary Brands not only broadens its service offerings but also strengthens its position in the competitive fitness market, promising enhanced experiences for fitness enthusiasts of all levels.

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