Li-Metal battery manufacturer SES AI creates subsidiary in South Korea


AI Corporation, a Boston-based battery technology company, has formed a subsidiary called SES Korea with intentions to construct a pre-production facility in South Korea.

Established in 2012, AI is engaged in developing and manufacturing lithium-metal (Li-Metal) rechargeable batteries for electric vehicles (EVs) and other applications.

After Shanghai Giga in China, SES Korea will be the second main operation for the Li-Metal battery manufacturer outside of the US.

Hans Kim — Vice President and Head of Korea said: “The incorporation of SES Korea marks another milestone in our quest to build on SES’s position as a global leader in the development and manufacturing of high-performance Li-Metal batteries for EVs.

“South Korea is a powerhouse of EV battery development, so we couldn’t be in a better position in terms of having a long-term base in Korea where we will contribute to the development of cell manufacturing equipment and process development, joint development with auto OEMs, and supply chain development.”

Li-Metal battery manufacturer SES AI incorporates a subsidiary called SES Korea in South Korea

Li-Metal battery manufacturer AI incorporates a subsidiary called SES Korea in South Korea. Photo courtesy of Business Wire.

Korea is anticipated to have nearly 50 employees by the end of this year.

Some of the strategic partners of AI in South Korea are Hyundai Motor Company, SK Inc., and LG Corporation.

Dr. Qichao Hu — Founder and CEO of AI said: “It’s all about speed and winning the race. Momentum is building as additional auto OEMs want to establish arrangements for the joint development of A-sample batteries with SES. Having SES Boston, Shanghai Giga, and now SES Korea gives access to deep talent pools and the highly efficient ecosystems in South Korea and China, the two industry powerhouses, as well as unparalleled chemistry and software capabilities in the United States.

“We also believe that the cash raised by our recent business combination with Ivanhoe Capital Acquisition Corp. and our listing on the New York Stock Exchange will help to accelerate these developments.”

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