Lamons acquires ModuHouston from Modumetal to enhance coating solutions with NanoGalv technology


Lamons, a leader in safety sealing and attachment solutions, announced the asset acquisition of ModuHouston from Modumetal. Renamed ModuCoatings, this strategic acquisition marks a pivotal advancement in Lamons’ commitment to innovation and excellence in industrial coating applications. ModuHouston has been instrumental in applying the NanoGalv zinc-nickel plating system, widely recognized for its superior corrosion protection in various industries.

Strategic Acquisition Details

This acquisition is significant for Lamons as it integrates a proven technology that offers a robust alternative to traditional corrosion systems, which may encounter issues with PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances). According to Marc Roberts, CEO of Lamons, “This acquisition represents our dedication to finding innovative solutions for our customers’ challenges while continuing to provide industry-leading services.”

Benefits of NanoGalv Technology

NanoGalv, developed by Modumetal, is a proprietary nano-laminated zinc-nickel coating designed to enhance corrosion resistance in harsh environments. It is particularly beneficial for sectors such as energy, infrastructure, defense, automotive, water and wastewater, and heavy equipment manufacturing. The technology not only offers superior performance and sustainability benefits but also extends the meantime between failure (MTBF) related to corrosion and wear.

Santosh Mathilakath, President & CEO of Modumetal, emphasized the strategic value of this acquisition: “With Lamons now integrating NanoGalv into their operations, the technology will reach a broader market more efficiently. This move accelerates the adoption of NanoGalv, enhancing the durability and lifespan of critical components.”

Future Outlook and Industry Impact

Modumetal will continue to focus on advancing corrosion and wear solutions, supporting both existing and new customers, and providing ongoing technological support to ModuCoatings. This acquisition is expected to not only bolster Lamons’ market position but also catalyze further innovations within the coatings industry, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in corrosion and wear resistance.

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