Energy Products acquires Reliable Batteries to expand distribution network


Energy Products Inc. has announced the acquisition of Reliable Batteries Inc., a prominent independent battery distributor from New Hope, MN. This strategic move is a part of Energy Products’ ongoing expansion, marking their sixth major expansion recently and the second in 2024 alone. The acquisition is set to enhance Energy Products’ distribution capabilities by adding an eighth distribution point, which will help in efficiently servicing their rapidly growing customer base.

Strategic Expansion and Vision Alignment

Brett Smith, President of Energy Products, emphasized the strategic fit of the acquisition: “We are thrilled with our acquisition of Reliable Batteries. Tim and Jessi have built a wonderful team and a great business. We look forward to them staying onboard to continue their leadership roles. The acquisition further enhances our rapidly growing distribution network, opening an adjacent market for Energy Products. This expansion aligns perfectly with our strategic vision and will deliver exceptional value for our customers and continued strong results for our partners.”

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Commitment to Shared Values and Customer Service

Tim Sova, representing Reliable Batteries, shared his optimism about the merger’s potential benefits, noting the alignment in corporate values and customer service philosophies between the two companies. “We have always built the business on a foundation seeking to excel at customer service, offering quality products with competitive pricing, and building long-term partnerships. I firmly believe that any long-term relationship must be good for both parties to be sustainable, and this requires communication, trust, and integrity. I am thrilled and excited to be joining Energy Products as I know they share the same values and ideals as we’ve founded our business on. I am looking forward to how this partnership will allow us to serve our customers even better in the future.”

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Future Prospects and Industry Impact

The integration of Reliable Batteries into Energy Products Inc. is poised to create a more robust distribution network, which is critical for maintaining the supply chain efficiency in the competitive battery distribution market. This expansion not only solidifies Energy Products’ market position but also enhances its capability to meet diverse customer needs across new geographic regions. The merger is expected to result in a seamless integration of best practices from both companies, leading to improved service offerings and operational efficiencies.

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