Invictus Energy discovers hydrocarbon gas in Cabora Bassa Project, Zimbabwe


Invictus Energy Limited has made a significant stride in its hydrocarbon exploration efforts by recovering hydrocarbon gas from the Pebbly Arkose downhole sample at its Mukuyu-2 well, part of the Cabora Bassa Project in Zimbabwe. The well, which is 80% owned and operated by the company, has shown promising results with multiple hydrocarbon-bearing intervals identified in the Upper and Lower Angwa reservoir sands.

Moveable Hydrocarbons and Evaluation Program

The initial fluid sample clean-up from the Upper Angwa reservoir has revealed moveable gas and liquid hydrocarbons. This discovery is corroborated by wireline log interpretation, which has also affirmed the presence of hydrocarbon-bearing reservoirs. The Managing Director of Invictus Energy, Scott Macmillan, commented on the significance of these findings, noting the recovery of natural gas and the further interpretations obtained from wireline logging data.

Cabora Bassa Project : Mukuyu-2 Well yields promising hydrocarbon results for Invictus Energy

Cabora Bassa Project : Mukuyu-2 Well yields promising hydrocarbon results for Invictus Energy

Sidetrack Operations for Comprehensive Evaluation

To overcome sampling challenges and complete the wireline and fluid sampling program effectively, Invictus Energy has decided to undertake a vertical sidetrack operation. This approach is deemed the most efficient for achieving the evaluation objectives for the Upper and Lower Angwa targets. The company is fully funded to conduct these sidetrack operations, which are crucial for the comprehensive assessment of the Mukuyu-2 well.

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Technical Challenges and Operational Strategies

The drilling operations have encountered higher-than-anticipated pressure in the Lower Angwa formation, leading to adjustments in mud weight to maintain control of the well. These conditions have necessitated the implementation of well control measures, including adjustments to the drilling fluid to ensure safety and maintain well integrity.

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Future Plans and Shareholder Engagement

Upon completion of the sidetrack operations, Mukuyu-2 will be preserved for future flow testing. Invictus Energy is planning a shareholder webinar briefing to discuss these preliminary results and the forward plan, inviting stakeholders to gain insights into the project’s progress and future prospects.

Conclusion and Company Outlook

The discovery of hydrocarbon gas at Mukuyu-2 and the subsequent evaluation efforts position Invictus Energy as a potential key player in the Zimbabwean and regional energy sector. The company’s strategic approach to overcoming technical challenges and its commitment to thorough evaluation underscore its dedication to unlocking the potential of the Cabora Bassa Project.

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