Introducing Infosys Cobalt Airline Cloud, a game-changer for airlines’ digital transformation


In a significant move towards revolutionizing the airline industry’s digital landscape, Infosys, a global leader in digital services and consulting, has introduced Infosys Cobalt Airline Cloud (ICAC). This innovative industry cloud solution is specifically designed to accelerate the digital transformation journey of commercial airlines, marking a pivotal step forward.

Leveraging its extensive domain experience and expertise in the travel and hospitality sector, Infosys has meticulously developed the Infosys Cobalt Airline Cloud. The primary goal of this cutting-edge offering is to provide commercial airlines with personalized experiences, optimized operational processes, and a pathway to achieve net-zero emissions in their journeys.

At its core, Infosys Cobalt Airline Cloud is built upon composable architecture principles, drawing from the overarching framework of Infosys Cobalt, which comprises a suite of services, solutions, and platforms that empower enterprises on their cloud journey. Infosys Cobalt Airline Cloud boasts a comprehensive range of solutions, APIs, and reusable business assets, designed to address critical facets of the airline industry’s digital transformation journey.

Infosys launches Infosys Cobalt Airline Cloud, a game-changer for airlines' digital transformation

Infosys launches Infosys Cobalt Airline Cloud, a game-changer for airlines’ digital transformation. Photo courtesy of Infosys Limited.

One of the core capabilities of Infosys Cobalt Airline Cloud lies in transforming legacy workloads by disassembling them and creating composable functional capabilities, all made possible through the utilization of cloud technologies. This approach aims to bring tangible improvements to existing processes, enhancing both business process efficiency and customer experiences.

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Infosys Cobalt Airline Cloud also strives to enhance customer experiences by ensuring accuracy in baggage delivery. This is achieved through precision-based gate-to-gate bag transfers, ultimately reducing the Missed Bag Rate (MBR) in hub airports by up to an impressive 50%. Moreover, the platform contributes to operational efficiency by substantially reducing Unit Load Device (ULD) misplacement and losses to less than 2%, a remarkable improvement compared to the current industry average of more than 5%. This reduction is made possible through advanced tracking and tracing methods enabled by machine learning.

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Beyond these advantages, Infosys Cobalt Airline Cloud leverages AI technology for crowd control, theft prevention, and cost reduction in manual airport operations, thereby ensuring smooth operations and enhancing passenger safety. Additionally, the platform optimizes network and route planning to support decarbonization efforts and emission control, aligning with the broader sustainability goals of the airline industry.

Infosys further emphasizes its commitment to the airline industry by combining its industry-specific knowledge, technological capabilities, and key elements of Infosys Cobalt. This approach is aimed at helping airline companies transform their business landscape, explore poly-cloud opportunities, and drive innovation at scale, all while adhering to stringent regulatory and security frameworks.

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Fernando Rocha, CIO at Aeroméxico Airline, expressed excitement about the collaboration with Infosys and the potential benefits of Infosys Cobalt Airline Cloud. He believes that this platform will enable quick adaptation to changing market dynamics, enhance customer experiences, and drive profitable growth.

Ashiss Kumar Dash, EVP & Global Head – Services, Utilities, Resources, and Energy at Infosys, emphasized the significance of the launch. He highlighted Infosys Cobalt Airline Cloud’sAshiss Kumar Dash role in empowering the airline industry with a scalable and flexible IT ecosystem, offering a pre-configured solution that allows clients to reduce costs while continuing to innovate in response to changing demand environments. This launch marks a significant milestone in Infosys’s journey of digital innovation, showcasing the company’s commitment to driving positive change within the airline industry.

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