Intellect Design Arena launches suite for Middle East and Africa’s tech-savvy bankers


Intellect Design Arena Ltd, a leading cloud-native, future-ready multi-product financial technology company catering to the world’s top banking and insurance clients, has officially announced the rollout of its groundbreaking ‘First Principles’ Technology suite, Aimed at technologically adept bankers across the Middle East and Africa, this suite is designed to revolutionize banking services by keeping the bank’s customer at the center of all operations, whether they are retail, HNI (High Networth Individuals), SME (Small and Medium Enterprises), or corporate clients. is engineered to orchestrate a bank’s offerings based on various events in a customer’s financial journey, operations initiated by the bank, or mandates by regulators and compliance requirements. This orchestration leverages a meticulously defined set of self-sufficient services, widely known in the technological community as Microservices. These Microservices collaborate across the entire spectrum of corporate banking ecosystems—encompassing liquidity, payments, cash management, SME lending, and more—to deliver complete services from approval and credit decisioning to risk compliance and regulatory reporting.

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The suite boasts an impressive array of 329 Microservices, 1,757 APIs, and 535 Events, providing banks with the tools needed to design future-ready technology solutions. acts as a catalyst for digital and cognitive enterprise transformation, signifying a major shift with Intellect’s leadership steering banks towards staying ahead in the competitive landscape. This initiative is poised to foster financial innovation and redefine the future of fintech in the Middle East and Africa, granting the region a significant global edge. A Game-Changer for Financial Services in the Middle East and Africa by Intellect Design Arena A Game-Changer for Financial Services in the Middle East and Africa by Intellect Design Arena

Arun Jain, CMD and Chief Architect of Intellect Design Arena Limited, expressed his enthusiasm for the Technology Suite, emphasizing its ability to leverage the cloud for designing composable business impact solutions based on an event-driven architecture. Jain highlighted, “Intellect’s Technology leveraged the smartness of the Cloud to design Banker’s own composable Business Impact solutions based on Event-driven architecture, ready to use deeply rich functional Microservices and scores of API on Cloud Headless.”

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Intellect Design Arena has already secured 29 mandates from global banks committed to utilizing services. Over 150 workshops have been conducted to aid these institutions in designing their future strategies focused on customer opportunities, beyond mere technological maximization.

The launch of by Intellect Design Arena signifies a transformative moment for financial technology in the Middle East and Africa. This suite not only equips banks with the necessary tools to navigate the complexities of modern banking but also emphasizes the importance of customer-centricity in financial services. As banks and financial institutions look to innovate and adapt, stands as a testament to the potential of cloud computing and microservices in shaping the future of finance.

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