INGENIOUS.BUILD, Google Cloud to boost Saudi Arabia’s digital transformation


INGENIOUS.BUILD, specializing in project management software for Real Estate Development and Construction, is excited to announce its collaboration with Google Cloud. This partnership is set to accelerate digital transformation in Saudi Arabia by combining INGENIOUS’ expertise with Google Cloud’s advanced technologies.

Launch of Cutting-Edge Project Management Software in Saudi Arabia

As part of this partnership, INGENIOUS.BUILD will deploy its innovative project management software in Saudi Arabia’s newly established Google Cloud cloud region. This platform aims to enhance project efficiency in the real estate and construction sectors by ensuring precise project management and risk mitigation.

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Empowering Saudi Arabian Market with Digital Solutions

Saudi Arabia’s push towards digitalization and innovation finds a strong ally in this partnership. It is poised to empower businesses in the digital era and deliver comprehensive solutions tailored to the Saudi Arabian market’s evolving needs.

INGENIOUS.BUILD and Google Cloud Join Forces for Digital Advancements in Saudi Arabia

INGENIOUS.BUILD and Google Cloud Join Forces for Digital Advancements in Saudi Arabia

Joint Initiatives for Digital Skills Development

INGENIOUS.BUILD and Google Cloud plan to implement initiatives promoting digital skills development and technology adoption in Saudi Arabia. This includes training programs, workshops, and resources to equip individuals and businesses for digital transformation.

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A Milestone in Saudi Arabia’s Digital Journey

This collaboration between INGENIOUS.BUILD and Google Cloud marks a significant step in Saudi Arabia’s digital transformation journey, aiming to drive innovation, economic growth, and create a thriving digital ecosystem.

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