Infosys, ATP to cut tennis carbon footprint with digital carbon tracker


Infosys, a global next-generation digital services and consulting company, in partnership with the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), has rolled out a groundbreaking Carbon Tracker feature in their PlayerZone app.

This tool, aligned with ATP’s UN Sport for Climate Action pledge, allows players to monitor and offset their carbon emissions from travel to tournaments worldwide, marking a significant step towards environmentally responsible tennis.

As part of ATP’s commitment to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2040, the new feature offers players a comprehensive view of their travel-related emissions over several seasons. This dashboard, enhanced with educational resources and quizzes on sustainable practices, provides insights into the environmental implications of their travel choices.

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Massimo Calvelli — ATP CEO said: “Tennis is on a mission to Net Zero and like many sports, our travel footprint is our biggest challenge. ATP’s new Carbon Tracker makes it simple for players to join that journey, mitigating their impact today and inspiring greener choices tomorrow.

“This is a story of addressing difficult problems through innovation, and we would thank our partners Infosys for their collaboration and commitment to the project. The potential of this app is massive and we’re just getting started.”

Infosys and ATP unveil digital carbon tracker

Infosys and ATP unveil digital carbon tracker. Image courtesy of Infosys Limited.

In a novel move, the Carbon Tracker will also introduce a ‘Green Badge’ awarded to players at the end of each season. This badge, proudly displayed on the player’s profile and rankings pages on, signifies their dedication to minimizing the sport’s carbon footprint.

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Accessible via the ATP PlayerZone website and mobile app launched by Infosys and ATP in 2016, the tool allows players to record their travel data and categorize their transportation modes for each tournament. Consequently, this data is used to calculate their carbon emissions footprint, encouraging more environmentally conscious travel decisions.

The feature also connects players with Gold Standard, a premier sustainable development standard and climate action partner of ATP, to aid in reducing their carbon impact.

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Sumit Virmani — Infosys Chief Marketing Officer said: “The synergy between Infosys and ATP has resulted in a very action-oriented innovation which sensitizes the need for energy transition in sports. In recent times, we have witnessed a multitude of digital sustainability platforms that are enabling organizations to pave their way to net zero emissions.

“Together with ATP, we will strive to make tennis carbon conscious as a sport. As we drive towards a hyperconnected economy, it is imperative for us to focus on dynamically driving carbon consciousness in an innovative, sustainable, and efficient manner.”

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