Indian textile company Trident Group launches own CSR arm

Trident Group, a Ludhiana-based textile company, has launched its own corporate social responsibility (CSR) called Trident Foundation, which will be an extension of its philanthropic arm.

Trident Foundation is said to promote education, better livelihood, sanitation, and women empowerment in marginalized areas of society through initiatives such as diversity and inclusion, education, skill development, and healthcare.

So far, the CSR unit of Trident Group is claimed to have helped more than 1500 students in their education. The foundation is also said to have trained over 300 women at Hastkala Skill Centre in Budhni, Uttar Pradesh.

Trident Foundation is claimed to have planted more than 7,00,000 crore trees and had removed 35MT of plastic waste from the banks of River Narmada.

Education is said to have been provided by the CSR arm of the textile company to over 900 underprivileged children via evening schools. Trident Foundation has also provided mobile dispensary, two-wheeler ambulances, and medical aid to 33 villages in Budhni.

Madhu Gupta — Trident Foundation Chairperson said: “With Trident Foundation, we are driving all our endeavours to make a difference in the community. It is a step forward in the direction of making the basic rights of health, education and employment to those who really need theme the most.”

Trident Foundation will be used by Trident Group for providing healthcare and employment benefits as well to all stakeholders, including shareholders and employees.

The CSR foundation plans to expand its reach at the pan-India level. Trident Group is inviting all stakeholders, including shareholders, employees, and associates to partner the CSR unit.

Rajinder Gupta — Trident Group Chairman said: “Adding value to life- this isn’t just a part of our philosophy but also our guiding principle. A small step can make a big impact. That’s what we aim to do with Trident Foundation. We are hopeful to reach every corner of India and uplift the underprivileged sections.”

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