Home remedies to treat fever at home naturally – Fever treatment at home


It is recommended that one should not take medicines to treat a fever unless the temperature is very high. This is because the natural immunity of the person helps the body to bring the temperature back to normal.

Let us see some home remedies to get relief from fever.

Herbal Tea for fever treatment at home

Warm bath

To help a person get relief from fever and its symptoms, they need to take a warm bath. A warm bath helps the person to get relief from pain in the body. You can also add a cup of vinegar to the warm water while taking bath. When the fever is getting high, the cold water bath is recommended to lower the temperature of the body.

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Artichokes are recommended to combat fever and to get relief faster. Boil them until they turn soft and have the tender and bottom portion of the leaves.

Herbal Teas to treat fever

Herbal teas can be prepared at home by blending herbs of your choice make a herbal tea of your own. Herbal tea has anti-oxidant properties that help to relieve fever symptoms along with healing properties.

You can select tulsi or holy basil and add some turmeric or haldi or cloves or laung and some sugar candy or misri. With them make tea or concoction by boiling them and sip it. Have it when it is warm. You can also add Elderflowers or even yarrow.

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Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper in foods works effectively in treating fever. Pepper contains capsaicin which is present in high amounts in spices like hotter forms of pepper.

This makes you sweat and relieve you of fever fastly. It also aids in more blood circulation and gives you quick relief.

Wet sock treatment

Wet sock treatment is a popular treatment method for fever. For this, you need to soak your feet in very hot water. Then take a pair of socks which were dipped in icy cold water and then wringed properly. Take your feet out of hot water and wear these cold socks. Then pull on a pair of dry woolen socks on the thin wet socks. This hot and cold combination therapy draws the blood to the feet and increases blood circulation. Then fever comes down to the feet and gives you quick relief.

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