HighPeak Energy commissions WildHorse Solar Farm in Texas


In a significant move that’s shaking up the energy sector, HighPeak Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ: HPK), a trailblazer in the independent oil and natural gas industry, has just unveiled its latest masterpiece—the WildHorse Solar Farm in the Flat Top operating area. Developed, owned, and operated by the renowned Priority Power Management, this 9.9-megawatt powerhouse is not just another solar project; it’s a bold statement of HighPeak’s dedication to slashing greenhouse gas emissions and slashing operational costs with clean, sustainable energy.

Transforming Energy with Sunshine

Situated to transform the landscape of energy consumption in the oil and gas sector, the WildHorse Solar Farm promises an annual production of 26,806 MWs of electricity. That’s enough to power close to 3,700 homes! But the benefits don’t stop at just powering homes; this solar giant is set to reduce over 18 thousand metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually. Imagine the environmental impact—equivalent to removing 6,500 tons of landfill waste or preserving over 21,000 acres of forest land. HighPeak’s move towards renewable energy infrastructure not only supports their mission to minimize greenhouse gases but also positions them as a frontrunner in environmental stewardship in the energy sector.

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Strategic Benefits and Economic Impact

The timing couldn’t be better. According to Brandon Schwertner, CEO of Priority Power, Texas is on the brink of an energy price surge, with forecasts showing dramatic increases over the next decade. “Every large energy user, including oil and gas operators, traditional businesses, hyperscale datacenters, and emerging energies like hydrogen plants, is vying for power. This year alone, the value of 100 megawatts of power over the next decade has shot up by $100 million, and the trend is only going upwards,” Schwertner explained. This solar facility not only shields HighPeak from the volatility of summer spot power price spikes but also significantly reduces their power costs, truly a financial and environmental win-win.

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Collaboration and Future Aspirations

Mike Hollis, President of HighPeak, expressed immense satisfaction with the partnership with Priority Power, highlighting the dual fiscal and environmental benefits to shareholders and the local community. “We are now drilling with power directly supplied by West Texas sunshine,” Hollis proudly stated, emphasizing the direct impact of the project on reducing HighPeak’s carbon footprint and operational expenses.

Danny Smedley, Managing Director and Vice President of Priority Power, also praised the successful collaboration: “This project is a testament to HighPeak’s commitment to sustainability and delivering value to shareholders. At a time when Texas power prices are incredibly volatile, WildHorse Solar Farm provides HighPeak not just savings, but stability with clean, reliable power.”

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With the operational commencement of the WildHorse Solar Farm, HighPeak Energy is setting a new standard in the integration of renewable energy in the oil and gas industry. This initiative is not only a significant step towards environmental responsibility but also a strategic maneuver to mitigate financial risks associated with fluctuating energy costs. As the industry continues to evolve, HighPeak’s forward-thinking approach could serve as a model for others in the sector, signaling a possible shift towards more sustainable energy practices across the board.

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