How to be fit both Physically and Mentally?

Everybody knows the proverb that ‘health is wealth’. It is apt to say that health is in our hands. Many forget this fact and spoil with their own hands. Everybody consider that health means to be free from diseases but it includes mental health also. If mental health is not proper it affects the physical body also. So people conscious of health should maintain both physical and mental health.

Health is Wealth

Health is Wealth

Physical health:

Means to maintain the physical body without any diseases and other inflictions.

The following are some tips for maintaining good physical health.

• Regular medical checkup by a qualified physician.

• Protect against all infectious diseases.

• Protect the children against tuberculosis, Small Pox, Chicken pox, Mumps, Polio, Diphtheria, cold etc at the right age followed with booster dose.

• Eat nutritious food having all the nutrients like carbohydrates, Fats, proteins, Minerals and vitamins.

• Include fruits and salads in your diet. Papayas, Carrots, oranges, are good sources of natural vitamins.

• Avoid high salt and sugar in your diet.

• Take one glass of milk every day.

• Include fibrous food in your meal.

• Avoid coffee and tea in excess.

• Drink enough water 6-8 glasses of water everyday.

• Regular exercise to the body is a must. A morning walk is a good exercise for all age groups.

Suryanamaskar for good health

Suryanamaskar for good health

• Yogic exercises are also good for the body. ‘Suryanamaskarams’ are good to keep the whole body flexible and in condition. Learn from a trained teacher and practice slowly.

• Regularly check up your weight.

• Avoid alcohol, smoking and other injurious materials. They get habituated and spoil your health and wealth.

• If you are in weight reduction plan consult your dietician and follow a regimen.

• Have a nice sleep every day.

Mental health:

To keep at good mental health is more difficult than the physical health. But with regular practice it can be achieved.

Follow the tips below for maintaining good mental health

• Maintain good habits and better way of life.

• Lead a stress free life and learn to cope up with stress.

• Think always positive.

• Yoga and meditation help to keep at good health.

• Avoid fast life habits.

• Control anger.

• Stop worrying on small matters.

• Don’t lead a sedentary life. Spend your leisure time with friends and relatives. Reading good books and hearing to music helps for relaxation of the body and mind.

• Learn and practice relaxation exercises if you are under stress.

• Engage yourself in gardening, pet rearing. Playing a musical instrument, Dancing, Knitting, Painting are in fact any hobby helps to relieve tension.

• Massaging the body, hands and feet relieves from stress.

• Identify the sources causing you stressed and eliminate them.

• A good sleep also relieves you from stress.

• If you are unable to get rid of stress take professional help and guidance.

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