On the edge! Nuh in turmoil as clashes trigger government response


In a dramatic move, the administration of India’s Haryana state has escalated its action against “illegal” construction in Nuh district for the third consecutive day. This crackdown comes in the wake of communal violence that gripped the area earlier this week.

The Demolition Wave Sweeps Nuh

On the ground, a startling number of shops, including medical stores and pharmacies near Shaheed Hasan Khan Mewati Government Medical College, fell under the demolition hammer. This sweeping demolition drive, which saw the police teams on site, has so far razed 50 to 60 structures labeled “illegal.” Unconfirmed reports depict a scene of chaos with people vacating the area in haste, fearing arrests.

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This decisive action by the administration coincides with heightened security across Nuh, a response to communal clashes sparked by a Hindu group procession. The unrest has not only disturbed the peace of Nuh but also spread to Gurugram, near New Delhi.

Haryana Administration Cracks Down on Illegal Constructions Amid Unrest

Haryana Administration Cracks Down on Illegal Constructions Amid Unrest. Photo courtesy of LEEROY Agency from Pixabay.

The Rising Death Toll and Arrests

The escalating tensions have claimed six lives so far, including two home guards and a Muslim cleric. In response to the deadly clashes, Haryana Home Minister Anil Vij declared the arrest of 202 people, with another 80 placed in preventive detention. His allegations suggested a premeditated act of violence, citing evidence of bullets fired from hillocks and stockpiled stones on building rooftops.

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Investigations and Uncertain Leads

However, amidst these claims of a “big game plan,” Nuh’s Superintendent of Police, Narendra Singh Bijarnia, offered a differing narrative. In a recent press conference, he reported no evidence pointing towards a single orchestrator of the clashes. The investigation so far indicates the involvement of disparate elements, leading to a continued identification and arrest of perpetrators. As the situation in Nuh district remains volatile, the story continues to unfold.

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