Halliburton, Nabors join forces to automate well construction solutions


In a significant move within the oil industry, Halliburton Company and Nabors Industries have announced a partnership to advance well construction automation solutions.

The agreement will see the two companies integrating their technologies including Halliburton’s Well Construction 4.0 digital surface and subsurface drilling technologies and LOGIX Autonomous Drilling Platform, along with Nabors’ SmartROS universal rig controls and automation platform, and the RigCLOUD high-performance digital infrastructure platform.

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These technologies, initially deployed in Iraq, aim to automate well construction services, spanning from planning to execution, across both subsurface and surface equipment and environments. The collaboration is set to revolutionize well construction, combining Halliburton’s expertise in subsurface and surface drilling technologies with Nabors’ advances in rig controls and automation.

Steve Haden — Halliburton Project Management senior vice president said: “Halliburton’s and Nabors’ efforts will make it easier for customers to deploy Halliburton’s automation solutions that can enhance rig capabilities, lower well construction costs, and reduce operational risks.”

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As part of the agreement, Halliburton and Nabors are set to explore further opportunities to expand these projects for other customers internationally. This collaboration promises to bring about a new era of efficiency and technological innovation in the well construction sector, setting the stage for future advancements in the industry.

Subodh Saxena — Nabors Drilling Solutions senior vice president said: “This agreement brings together the drilling process automation and digital solutions of Nabors with Halliburton’s sub-surface expertise, resulting in a unique combination that will drive well construction efficiencies through repeatable and consistent outcomes.”

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