Greatland Gold secures new exploration license E52/4342 in Gascoyne region


Greatland Gold plc (AIM: GGP), a leader in mineral exploration, has announced the acquisition of a new exploration license, E52/4342, covering 134 km² at the Mt Egerton Project, marking a significant step in expanding its exploration efforts in the Gascoyne region, which is located 230 km north of the well-known Meekatharra gold camp.

Exploration and Prospects at Woodlands Tenement

The Woodlands tenement, representing the inaugural license of the Mt Egerton Project, spans a 25 km strike length in a structurally complex geological setting, which is believed to be highly conducive to mineralization. This area has been largely underexplored, with historical data indicating very limited drilling and soil sampling, none of which included assays for gold.

Greatland’s exploration strategy at Woodlands is informed by the presence of mantle tapping structures, which are crucial for the formation of large-scale gold and copper deposits. The tenement’s geological attributes, combined with historical data, suggest a robust potential for significant mineral discoveries.

Greatland Gold plc secures a new exploration license in the Gascoyne region, enhancing its search for significant gold and copper deposits.

Greatland Gold plc secures a new exploration license in the Gascoyne region, enhancing its search for significant gold and copper deposits.

Legal and Environmental Framework

The Woodlands tenement falls within the jurisdiction of the Nharnuwangga Wajarri and Ngarlawangga (NWN) native title determination. A pre-existing Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) with the Jidi Jidi Aboriginal Corporation (JJAC) facilitates an expedited pathway for Greatland’s on-ground exploration activities. The ILUA ensures that all exploration conducted by Greatland respects and adheres to the heritage and environmental values held by the local indigenous community.

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Geological and Operational Highlights

The Mt Egerton Project is strategically positioned within an east-west trending wedge of folded Proterozoic metasediments, bordered by the northern margin of the Archean Yilgarn craton and the southern margin of the Pilbara Craton. This geological setting is considered highly prospective for the emplacement of gold and base metal deposits due to its deep structural boundaries, which likely serve as conduits for metal-rich fluids from the mantle.

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Future Exploration Plans

Greatland is committed to a systematic, data-driven exploration approach at Mt Egerton. Initial steps include signing the prescribed form heritage agreement under the ILUA, conducting a comprehensive desktop review to refine the geological model at Woodlands, and defining targeted exploration programs to test the main structural features within the tenure.

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Shaun Day, Managing Director of Greatland, expressed enthusiasm about the new project: “We are delighted by the grant of the Woodlands tenement at our new Mt Egerton gold-copper project, which further enhances our excellent exploration portfolio in a highly prospective region of Western Australia. Our advanced exploration techniques are set to unlock the potential of this under-explored area.”

The strategic acquisition of the Woodlands tenement by Greatland Gold not only diversifies its exploration portfolio but also positions the company to potentially discover and develop significant gold and copper resources. The proactive engagement with indigenous partners and adherence to environmental best practices reflect Greatland’s commitment to sustainable and responsible mining.

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