Gradiant acquires Taiwanese cleantech water developer WaterPark Environment


Gradiant, a Boston-based cleantech water treatment solutions provider, has acquired WaterPark Environment Corp, a Taiwanese design and construction company, for an undisclosed price.

WaterPark Environment is focused on water technologies for advanced manufacturing of semiconductor, microelectronics, and others in the high tech industries.

Its proprietary technologies are built for addressing the variety of water challenges of industrial clients across the Asia Pacific by using advanced biological, physical, and chemical processes.

WaterPark Environment is a spin-off from Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI).

Gradiant acquires Taiwanese cleantech water developer WaterPark Environment

Gradiant acquires Taiwanese cleantech water developer WaterPark Environment. Photo courtesy of Gradiant.

Huey-Song You — Chairman of WaterPark Environment said: “Taiwan leads the world in regulating industrial water reuse and wastewater discharge.

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“The island is the world’s center for semiconductor manufacturing and currently holds 65% of the global market share. Driven by strategic interests for risk management in the supply chain and self-sufficiency, semiconductor manufacturing is extending to new regions that are leveraging Taiwan’s best practices in water management in their production.

“Combining our proprietary technologies and industry expertise with Gradiant’s total water and digital solutions, we will help advanced manufacturing facilities worldwide best manage their water.”

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Gradiant provides and develops cleantech water projects for advanced water and wastewater treatment. The company expects the acquisition of WaterPark Environment to bolster its portfolio of proprietary technologies and expertise in applications in industrial water, particularly high-rate biological wastewater, ultrapure water, and advanced oxidation.

Through the acquisition, Gradiant will be able to make its variety of technologies and end-to-end solutions accessible to the top manufacturers of Taiwan’s advanced industries that are served by WaterPark Environment.

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Some of the existing semiconductor and microelectronics clients of the combined entity include Global Foundries, Intel, Micron, UMC, TSMC, Chimei, and AUO.

Prakash Govindan — COO of Gradiant said: “This partnership will help semiconductor and other advanced industries achieve the purest water at the highest yield while meeting environmental discharge limits and recovering precious resources that would have otherwise been wasted.

“For global industries under pressure from the supply chain shortage, climate change, and rising material costs, our technology innovations are essential to meet business needs for operational continuity, sustainability, and cost.”

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