Compass UOL Group announces merger of Webjump and Content Thread


In a landmark move, Compass UOL Group has announced the merger of its e-commerce technology subsidiary, Webjump, with the digital agency Content Thread (C/T). This strategic fusion aims to harness the potential of Generative AI (Gen AI) within the realms of Adobe Commerce and the Adobe Experience Cloud, reinforcing the Webjump brand’s position in the market. The merger is spotlighted by Webjump’s recent achievement of Platinum status within the Adobe Solution Partner Program, a testament to its proficiency and commitment to delivering unparalleled Adobe solutions.

The Platinum certification, a prestigious accolade in the Adobe ecosystem, is awarded to companies that exhibit exceptional expertise and customer satisfaction across at least four Adobe specializations, supported by a team of over 100 certified professionals and a portfolio of more than 20 projects ratified by Adobe. Among the nearly one thousand Adobe solution partners globally, only 66 have attained this elite status, underscoring the significance of Webjump’s accomplishment.

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Compass UOL Group’s CEO, Alexis Rockenbach, highlighted the merger’s importance, stating, “All commerce is e-commerce. Webjump will help companies use the Adobe tools they already know to go from the promise of Gen AI to the reality of new customer experiences that feel natural faster than ever before.” This statement encapsulates the merger’s core objective: to streamline the customer experience by leveraging the latest in AI and Adobe technologies.

Prior to this merger, Webjump had established itself as a frontrunner in deploying personalized and scalable digital e-commerce solutions worldwide, while C/T had earned accolades as a leading partner of Adobe Experience Manager, specializing in advanced digital content creation and management. The combined strengths of Webjump and C/T promise to create a formidable force within the Adobe partnership ecosystem, capable of addressing any business challenge with innovative and assertive AI-driven solutions.

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Ivan Bastos, CEO of Webjump, expressed the company’s vision post-merger, aiming to “establish Webjump as a global leader within the Adobe ecosystem, using AI to meet customer needs in an innovative and assertive way.” He further emphasized the Platinum Partner certification as evidence of Webjump’s deep commitment and comprehensive knowledge of Adobe technologies.

The merger arrives at a pivotal moment when e-commerce sales are soaring, and retailers across various sectors are turning to Gen AI to enhance personalized online shopping experiences. Webjump’s Gen AI capabilities are poised to revolutionize how companies analyze website data and automate the creation of tailored customer journeys, facilitating swift adaptation to market trends and consumer preferences.

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Compass UOL’s acquisition of Webjump and C/T in 2021 was a strategic move in its global expansion efforts. Now, with over 6,000 employees worldwide and a portfolio that includes Avenue Code, Edgy, Invillia, Everymind, and Webjump, Compass UOL Group is reinforcing its commitment to leading the digital transformation landscape.

The merger between Webjump and Content Thread under the Compass UOL Group umbrella signifies a strategic pivot towards leveraging Gen AI for enhancing e-commerce and digital experiences. By combining their strengths, the unified entity is well-positioned to deliver innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs of global brands, setting a new benchmark for excellence within the Adobe ecosystem.

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