FPT Semiconductor joins forces with Silvaco amid Vietnam PM’s US visit


Marking a significant milestone in the semiconductor industry, FPT Semiconductor, an offshoot of FPT Corporation (FPT), has declared its alliance with the US-based Silvaco, renowned for its prowess in TCAD, EDA software, and Design IP. The duo inaugurated their partnership in the esteemed presence of Vietnam Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh during his sojourn to the United States.

Collaborative Vision for US Semiconductor Workforce Development

This collaboration hinges on a shared vision of fortifying the US semiconductor workforce. Drawing upon the extensive industry knowledge of both FPT Semiconductor and Silvaco, the partnership will leverage FPT University’s resources, an integral component of FPT’s expansive education system. Their combined endeavors will birth the Vietnam Learning Semiconductor Hub, a venture synchronizing with governmental strategies to cultivate talent in the semiconductor domain.

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Mutual Benefits and Business Growth

Charting a roadmap of mutual growth, FPT Semiconductor is set to cater IP on Silvaco’s platform, additionally donning the mantle of the sole representative and distributor for Silvaco’s semiconductor software solutions within Vietnam. This partnership bestows Silvaco with the title of a strategic investor in FPT Semiconductor. Joint business pursuits will encompass domains like StandardCell, IO, and Memory design.

FPT Semiconductor announces pivotal partnership with Silvaco

FPT Semiconductor announces pivotal partnership with Silvaco. Photo courtesy of Business Wire/Duong Giang.

FPT’s Commitment to the Semiconductor Realm

The significance of the semiconductor sector is firmly imprinted on FPT’s strategic blueprint. This sentiment was reiterated by FPT Chairman Truong Gia Binh during US President Biden’s state visit to Vietnam in September. Highlighting the necessity for collective endeavors, he solicited governmental backing from both Vietnam and the US to accentuate semiconductor workforce growth. In alignment with this vision, FPT University is poised to roll out its Semiconductor Circuit Faculty by 2024, dedicated to comprehensive semiconductor training at various academic levels.

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FPT’s Impressive Track Record and Future Prospects

In 2022, FPT Semiconductor distinguished itself by becoming Vietnam’s premiere in commercial chip manufacturing, with a focus on tailor-made chip design. The company’s ledger reflects orders for a staggering 70 million chips over the forthcoming two years. Since its US debut in 2008, FPT has established itself as a reliable solutions provider, boasting over 300 esteemed clientele. Future projections for FPT reveal ambitious plans of channeling USD 100 million annually into the US market for the subsequent five years. This strategy is paired with the aspiration of crafting 3,000 job opportunities by 2028 and achieving a revenue milestone of USD 1 billion by 2030.

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