ExxonMobil amplifies chemical production at Baytown refinery with $2bn investment


ExxonMobil commences two pivotal chemical production units at its Baytown, Texas facility, marking a $2 billion strategic growth. This expansion aligns with the company’s vision to supply superior products from its U.S. Gulf Coast refineries and chemical units.

President of ExxonMobil Product Solutions, Karen McKee, commented, “With startup of these two new lines, ExxonMobil is delivering high-value materials for a variety of products that society depends on every day. We achieved excellent safety performance by leveraging our expertise to plan and execute large projects, while providing meaningful investment in the U.S. Gulf Coast.”

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In-Depth on the New Units

The newly inaugurated performance polymers unit is set to yield 400,000 metric tons annually of Vistamaxx and Exact-branded polymer modifiers. These enhancers elevate the efficacy of chemicals in automotive components, construction elements, hygiene commodities, personal care products, and diverse packaging solutions. For instance, Vistamaxx augments the longevity of items like reusable containers, prolonging their lifespan and advocating for augmented recycled material usage. Meanwhile, Exact is a response to the auto sector’s mounting demand for compact, lightweight components that escalate fuel efficiency.

$2bn expansion: ExxonMobil uplifts Baytown refinery capacity

$2bn expansion: ExxonMobil uplifts Baytown refinery capacity. Photo courtey of Exxon Mobil Corporation.

Concurrently, the novel linear alpha olefins segment will generate 350,000 tons yearly of Elevexx products, signifying ExxonMobil’s inaugural foray into this market. Linear alpha olefins find their application in plastic packaging, elite engine, industrial lubricants, and other domains. They also serve as foundational elements for surfactants—amplifying cleaning and industrial utility—and drag-reducing agents that optimize crude oil pipeline flow.

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Resilience and Impact on Employment

Despite global challenges including the pandemic and its economic aftermath, ExxonMobil’s unwavering commitment saw this project to its fruition. Their vast project management expertise and technological prowess ensured the timely and secure launch of these units. Throughout its construction phase, the venture sustained over 3,500 jobs. Upon reaching its full operational capacity, it promises to offer employment to an additional 200 individuals.

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A Glimpse into ExxonMobil’s Baytown Complex

ExxonMobil’s Baytown facility, founded in 1919, stands as a monumental integrated and technologically sophisticated refining and petrochemical hub globally. Nestled on roughly 3,400 acres beside the Houston Ship Channel, this colossal establishment encompasses a refinery, chemical plant, olefins plant, plastics plant, and a global tech center.

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