Fime and Aurionpro Transit announce strategic collaboration to transform transit ticketing worldwide


Fime, a leader in consulting and testing services for payment systems, has partnered with Aurionpro Transit, a subsidiary of Aurionpro and a global leader in transit ticketing solutions, to jointly explore opportunities in transit ticketing, payments, and fare collection projects across the globe. This strategic collaboration is set to revolutionize the transit experiences by combining the strengths of both companies to meet the evolving needs of public transport operators and authorities worldwide.

Objectives and Vision of the Partnership

The partnership aims to serve as a catalyst for innovation and efficiency in the transportation industry. By pooling their resources and expertise, Fime and Aurionpro Transit are dedicated to empowering public transport bodies with advanced technological solutions that enhance passenger experiences and streamline operations. The collaboration will focus on educating and empowering stakeholders within the public transport sector about the transformative potential of emerging technologies in transit ticketing and fare collection.

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Leadership Commentary

Angaj Bhandari, VP – MEA, India & South Asia at Fime, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are excited to partner with Aurionpro Transit to advance innovation in transit ticketing and payment solutions. By leveraging our collective knowledge and resources, we aim to empower public transport bodies with the information and tools they need to embrace new technologies and enhance the passenger experience.”

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Sanjay Bali, CEO at Aurionpro Transit Pte. Ltd., highlighted the commitment to fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange within the industry, “Through this strategic collaboration with Fime, our goal is to advocate for best practices and help public transport operators embrace innovative solutions that benefit passengers and stakeholders alike.”

Strategic Initiatives and Future Prospects

The collaboration will see both organizations working as preferred partners, utilizing each other’s services to deliver comprehensive solutions that address the challenges faced by the transit industry. This includes the deployment of innovative fare collection systems and integration of cutting-edge technologies that ensure efficiency and accessibility for all users.

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This strategic collaboration between Fime and Aurionpro Transit is poised to set new standards in the transit industry, driving significant advancements in ticketing solutions and fare collection systems. By focusing on technological innovation and stakeholder education, the partnership is well-positioned to make a substantial impact on global transit systems, enhancing the overall efficiency and user experience.

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