Fast food restaurant chain Leon Restaurants to foray into US

Restaurant industry news : UK-based Leon Restaurants, a fast food restaurant chain is all set to foray into the US by opening a restaurant in Washington, D.C. late this summer.

Leon claims to make fast food better by providing “Naturally Fast Food” that not only tastes good but also does good. The Leon Restaurant menu comprises dishes that are inspired by the richness, flavors and natural goodness of the Mediterranean food culture.

According to the restaurant chain, the decision from its CEO John Vincent signifies his plan to bring a new category of fast food to US while making people fall in love with fast food again.

Leon Restaurant in Carnaby Street,, London

Leon Restaurant in Carnaby Street,, London. Photo: Business Wire

Commenting on the launch of a new Leon Restaurant in Washington, D.C., John Vincent said:  “Since starting LEON in London’s Carnaby Street in 2004, we have been helping people fall back in love with fast food.

“From the start, we asked ourselves ‘why can’t fast food be good food?’ LEON is our best attempt at creating fast food as it might be in heaven. Food that tastes naturally great, is remarkably good for you, is affordable for all, and is kind to the planet.”

Leon says that it is focused in three areas – making a shift to 100% renewable energy, adding more plant-based dishes to its menu to a great extent and getting rid of all plastic straws and cutlery.

Washington, D.C. is the fourth global city for Leon Restaurants after Oslo, Amsterdam and Utrecht. The fast food restaurant chain, which was founded in in 2004 in London has expanded to over 50 restaurants across the world.

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